Frosty Winter

Why cheap pots in winter often fail and fiberglass does not equal fiberglass is everyone, the planters in outdoor areas, E.g. on terraces, in the garden and front of House entrances uses, will sooner or later the question: my flower pots hold also the winter through? This question is justified, because each year thousands planter by winter frost influences shatter. It not is even the sub-zero temperatures, which are dangerous: Frost can have usually little a flower pots, combining with water is the problem. Frost and water can blow up mountains Frost and water can blow up is well known that all mountains. Logically, so also no flower pots, Frost & water meet in its mix of materials, can resist such immense forces! Terra cotta or clay pots are the best example. The porous shell of Containerizing draws in water, which is of course good for the plants, because even water in dry seasons. Visit NY Museums for more clarity on the issue.

In the winter, this is in the Combination with Frost to the problem. Why cheap pots in winter often fail a good solution for this purpose are flower pots made of fiberglass. However these must consist of a certain composition, it must be mixed with mainly no stone dust or Terra cotta. This is done however often for cost reasons. Then despite internal insulation, water can be absorbed by the stone dust or the pro rata mixed with Terra cotta. A fiberglass planters should consist only of (polyresin) resin and fiber glass mats to strengthen. It is also important that the mats is thoroughly connected with the polyresin and no cavities occur. Flower pots made of fiberglass in the endurance test of the bucket in the picture is one of AE trades test pots.

He had to hold forth for crash tests and other rough treatment. Most recently, he served as rain barrel. This winter, the bucket was completely filled with water and is frozen at the last hard frost. The good news: he is neither burst or jumped. The hardiest Flower pots by AE a whole series Hardy, Frost-proof and therefore weatherproof flower pots made of fiberglass in the sizes can be found trade In the AE shop trade up to 50 cm, up to 70 cm and 70 cm. Christine Beck