Flower Pot

In Egypt, for such rituals used, common throughout the Nile Delta, the wild Emmer wheat, from which the passage of time, Egyptian farmers, brought several different varieties of cereal. For best results, I would recommended that the grain of durum wheat, which are quite unpretentious and has a large percentage of germination. Read more from NYC Marathon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Buy a new Flower Pot light tones, the volume – at least a liter. Beforehand, you need to dial the ground with wheat field. In big cities, it can cause some confusion. Therefore, in extreme cases, suitable land with a large and well-tended flower beds, major plantings which will be a plant with white flowers. Blooms of red, purple and violet hues are unfavorable to our process energy, so they should be avoided.

Before you fill up the earth in a pot, mix it with coins yellow. The number of coins – twenty-four. The total nominal amount – must be even. Once you cover everything this cocktail in a pot, start sowing. You will need six grains. Each grain should be planted separately, the left hand, the depth of two to three centimeters.

All seeds must be planted close together, almost in one place so that when the shoots, they formed one massive barrel. After planting, you need to water the earth. To this end, the water should be insist separately. Ideal is rain water, mixed with morning dew. A glass of water, quite a few drops of dew to turn to rain, miraculous nectar. Watering is carried out once in a three days. When the wheat sprouts, talk with her. Replenish its energy of your desires. Love her to feel your care and warmth. Place the pot in his bedroom on the window to plant bathed in sunshine. If possible, protect your tree from prying eyes and never let a stranger hands, to touch him. As soon as the sprouts will rise to six inches, put on the bottom of the vessel in which you defend Watering water, six coins yellow. Suppose they are in it constantly, until the end of the process. This will serve as a kind of fertilizer for your money tree. Having gone full cycle, grow and mature. Pull it out pot, along with the root system. Tie the stems together, a thin gold chain and put in a vase without water at the bottom which should be on a coin, with even a nominal sum. The first six seeds that fell from the ears, you can used for growing the next tree. Such a procedure, I recommend once a year. The best time – it's spring, but this is not a rigid rule. The main condition is your desire and your soul you should invest in this process and if the result does not take long.

Great Communication

They see that the first indications of communication had appeared when the human beings of the caves had made paintings in its ' ' lares' ' , with illustrations of animals and objects. Times later, in Greece and Rome old, agriculturists identified the large barrels where they kept its wine with the name of the proprietor of the vines, in a classified operation today as the first use of a mark. Thus being, these primitive marks had started to give fame to some types of considered wines of better quality of what others, also arriving to increase its value of exchange for other agricultural products as the wheat and the barley. With the sprouting of the Christianity, the religion as a whole passed also to use of the tool communication. One of the symbols of the Christianity was the bell, considered a strong element for the calling of the faithful for the masses, as well as for the touch of deceased when some death occurred, and also being used to announce imminent the fond one of barbarous warriors of other nations, being able, thus, to prepare the forces of the locality to reject the enemies. With the creation of the first periodical with Gutemberg, and later from the industrial revolution, in century XVIII, the periodicals had passed to print, to the side of notice and diverse substances, commercial announcements, promoting products of most diverse, since sabonetes the boiled musts, creating of this form the advertising.

In the current days, with the Internet, the TV is suffering its first great crisis as vehicle from communication and already it is if adaptando, as it made it to the Radio, years behind, not to lose. The same adaptation procedure already comes occurring with the communication vehicles printed matters, time that, the periodicals, as well as the magazines, start to feel the effect of the loss of its ' ' to be able imperial' ' , in reason of the young population to lose and to tend to lose each time more the healthful habit of the reading of these publications. Specialists in the communication area proclaim that currently the Internet openly, in Brazil, already it is the most important vehicle of communication, repeating, in this way, what already she occurred in countries of first world, as the United States, Germany, Great-Britain, France Japan, to cite as examples. Thus being, the Internet came to be, however, is not enough only in them to use of e-mails and the tools of marketing and the sites of the proper company, having the necessity of a perfect domain of blogs, the news sites and the social nets as communication vehicles, a time that paraphrasing the old Chacrinha warrior, ' ' who not to adapt itself goes if trumbicar.' '

The Meeting

You that comes to the meeting of I, are – in the poem – signal of the sphere transcendente; as it sings the poem: ' ' Ah! Your eyes /S to the holy ghosts! /Chego to think that they are not yours, /Que is of Deus' '. ' ' Deus' ' , written with capital initial, it assigns the name of the deity in the Christian tradition that arrives at our days, to speak of the deity in Portuguese language. In this itinerary, it can be inferred that, for the poetess, the God who happens in the meeting with human You is the God of the Christians, the God I join and trino that inhabits the heart of the person human being, as it wrote the mstica catholic, Elisabete of the Trindade, in Letter 258, codified in its epistolrio: ' ' That joy to believe that God in them loves the point inhabiting in us, to become accompanying of our exile, the insider, the friend of all momentos' ' (TRINDADE apud SCIADINI, 2006, P. 218). In the immediate relation with the next person, it has the presence of the inefvel mystery that involves and joins I with You in the dimension of the meeting.

One is about the divine presence that puts in evidence You that carry the inominvel presence, therefore in the relations human beings with God, ' ' … is figured that It is with us, remaining itself quiet behind us, while we do not call It and we do not come back in them to look at it; but, if for we make it to happiness, in the same instant, then It desaparece' ' (RAHNER, 1961, p.41). Of ' ' Yours olhos' ' , one knows that the meeting of the poetess with the man of the sung eyes, is not some event that if gives in the footing absence, therefore the foundation of this immediate relation is in the proper presence of God who if of the reflected one in You that is received with love, as it writes the poetess: ' ' Your twilight announces good the news of God! /…

Capitalism In France

In France, in 1791, a decree of 14 of July declared all coalition of workers one ' ' attempted against the freedom and to the declaration of the rights of homem' ' , punished with fine of 500 Francs and to the privation of the right of citizenship per one 20 year. 6. The Capitalism of century XIX and the invention of the management The development of the capitalism, in the passed century, was based in the growth of the production, in agricultural exodus and in the concentration of new populations in the cities. The work lasted 12, 14, up to 18 hours per day. Children, from three years of age (with more frequency, from the seven years), were used in the industrial work. The wages, very low, badly gave to reproduce the work force.

The housings were collective and dirty. Thus: ' ' lack of hygiene, promiscuity, physical exhaustion, industrial accidents, subalimentao, potencializavam its respective effect and created conditions of one high morbidade, one high mortality, and a longevity formidavelmente reduzida' '. 21 DEJOURS still remembers a text found in the first number of the Analles: ' ' The public hygiene, that is the art to conserve the health of the men in society, must receive a great development to supply numerous applications to the perfectioning of ours institutions. It is who observes the varieties, the oppositions, the influences of the climates, at last, that she informs the ways of the public salubrity. It deals with to the quality and the cleanness of the eatable ones and drinks, of the regimen of the soldiers, the sailors. You may find Bill de Blasio to be a useful source of information. It makes to feel the necessity of the sanitary laws. It extends itself to everything what she says respect to the endemic diseases, the epidemics, to zoonoses, to the hospitals, to the hospices, the cabarets, the penitentiaries, the burials, the cemetaries etc.

Social Island

' One has filmed fantstico&#039 simply; ' if thus I could describe it in only one simple phrase. He possesss a rich construction of related concepts the images and a compatible sonorous track with script. The author works with a language of easy agreement and such way that the public is not imprisoned only in the images, musicalidade and/or content. The director works with a complex combination of elements capable to reach the public contemplating all the components of the sensorial system that a human organism possesss, in a creative way. Island of the Flowers is a film where we imagine to exist a full island of flowers, however, by means of a metaphor, the author shows a different reality. The central idea of the text represented for the personages Mr.

Susuki, Mr. Manuel and Dona Anete shows the social reality and as the economy generates different relations between the individuals. The shortness is rich in descriptions based in scientific knowledge and at some moments it works with conflicting elements. Amongst them I detach, when the author differs the man of the other animals for its capacity of reasoning, fact to possess one telencfalo highly developed and an opposing thumb. However, as the man can, this rational animal (in the context Island of the Flowers) to be more ' ' desvalorizado' ' in our society that a mammal, quadruped, that possesss a snout, a tail and unprovided of one telencfalo highly developed and an opposing thumb? This question possesss narrow relation with the economic system, in which we are inserted, that it contributes for the social inaqualities. Being the human beings valued in its category for the social classroom and the goods that it possesss. Island of made to the Flowers to remember me Manuel Flag: Vi yesterday an animal In the imundice of the Catando patio food enters the dentritos When it found some thing, it did not examine nor smelled: Engolia with voracity. The animal was not the dog was not a cat, was not a rat the animal, my God, was a man.

Selfishness Evolution

Evolved human nature but not always for the better man today is less supportive, think less in others, because he thinks he is first as an individual than the rest of those around him, this behavior is very common in places of work and elsewhere which have interests in real or imagined some financial reward? Money is a factor in this development should rather be called a regression because the race for economic success daily just friendships, marriages, partnerships, well, the money divided. Today’s man is usually the selfish, selfishness is defined as conduct that consists in putting its own interests first, the opposite of altruism (altruism is the feeling or tendency to do good to others, even at the expense of own benefit)? The old man was most unselfish, the most obvious example is to visit the least developed communities, where people are more caring, less selfish. The man was born altruistic just their supposed superiority over other species, has led to change their behavior.

In these difficult times we all should be a bit of altruism, the altruism that many species to which we regard as least not have lost over the years, as dogs often adopt orphaned cats, squirrels, ducks and even tigers, dolphins support sick or injured animals, swimming under them for hours and pushing them to the surface so you can breathe, chimpanzees share food with others in the group? Most mammalian carnivores such as wolves and dogs have the habit of not harming members of the group under a certain age, of opposite sex or the giving of the position of submission? Some monkeys give alarm calls to warn fellow predators, but in doing so, attract attention to themselves, thus increasing your chances of being attacked. Today’s man on the other hand enjoys abusing the weak, their needs, to ascend, to gain power, no matter over how many people have to go. How progress makes us ill, Buddha said that “if people do not hate herself so much, there would be less suffering in the world, because the self-hatred is projected to aggression and violence.” The selfish man is alone and isolated, so his life is filled with objects. His personality can be depressed with obsessive traits. The selfish leaving only be elected, because he can not share anything, progress equals involution.

Black Square

The commodity price is the price of the individual. Cost of goods – the price of the species. Price is born 'fight' the system 'buyer – seller'. Cost generated a set of such systems. Real barter concept of 'price' and 'value' is often used as synonyms. And this is natural: the possibility of the use of a concept depends entirely on the subjective point of view of the man himself. If the product is perceived by man as a concrete thing, the price of goods is the price of this thing. And if the product is perceived by a person as a representative of the type of goods, in this case the price of goods becomes a modelview price – cost.

Cost of goods is not inherent in the goods themselves, it is shaped by the views of people who exchange these goods. Moreover, the opinion of the persons forming the cost of goods on or that the market may not necessarily represent the views of people outside this market. For example, fans of abstract art, Malevich considering a genius artist, formed his opinion the high cost of his paintings and, in particular, painting "Black Square". The opinion of people who consider this normal and oil painting in the square, did not have on its cost no effect, because it is the opinion of people outside the market lovers of abstract painting. Thus, cost of goods is formed in a specific market, through the views of individual participants sharing in the 'fight' a number of systems' buyer – seller ',' the seller – the seller 'and' buyer – the buyer.