Social Island

' One has filmed fantstico&#039 simply; ' if thus I could describe it in only one simple phrase. He possesss a rich construction of related concepts the images and a compatible sonorous track with script. The author works with a language of easy agreement and such way that the public is not imprisoned only in the images, musicalidade and/or content. The director works with a complex combination of elements capable to reach the public contemplating all the components of the sensorial system that a human organism possesss, in a creative way. Island of the Flowers is a film where we imagine to exist a full island of flowers, however, by means of a metaphor, the author shows a different reality. The central idea of the text represented for the personages Mr.

Susuki, Mr. Manuel and Dona Anete shows the social reality and as the economy generates different relations between the individuals. The shortness is rich in descriptions based in scientific knowledge and at some moments it works with conflicting elements. Amongst them I detach, when the author differs the man of the other animals for its capacity of reasoning, fact to possess one telencfalo highly developed and an opposing thumb. However, as the man can, this rational animal (in the context Island of the Flowers) to be more ' ' desvalorizado' ' in our society that a mammal, quadruped, that possesss a snout, a tail and unprovided of one telencfalo highly developed and an opposing thumb? This question possesss narrow relation with the economic system, in which we are inserted, that it contributes for the social inaqualities. Being the human beings valued in its category for the social classroom and the goods that it possesss. Island of made to the Flowers to remember me Manuel Flag: Vi yesterday an animal In the imundice of the Catando patio food enters the dentritos When it found some thing, it did not examine nor smelled: Engolia with voracity. The animal was not the dog was not a cat, was not a rat the animal, my God, was a man.