December 2014

Maria Najarro

Spanish amber in Spain there are located some 120 deposit of amber, most dating from the Cretaceous period. Of these, 8 contain bioinclusiones and are located mainly in the margins of the Iberian plate during the lower Cretaceous, associated with estuarine and deltaic media. Among the most important sites of Spain at this time highlight… Read more Maria Najarro

The Capacity

An approach of this type, when used in a system of quality management, emphasizes the importance of: a) understanding and compliance with the requirements between the areas, b) need to consider processes in terms of the value provided, c) obtaining objective results of the performance and efficiency of processes, and d) the continuous improvement of… Read more The Capacity

Florentino Perez

/ Florentino Perez has reported this afternoon the departure of Jorge Valdano’s club. Real Madrid exdirectivo stresses that the decision he has not taken it. Asked the President a meeting three many times, but it was impossible. He left satisfied after dnder the interests of an entity you want. Jorge Valdano, who until this evening… Read more Florentino Perez

Cusuco National Park

boys and girls affected by fumes and violence are reported. people still flee at this moment. This story is developing. (Daily time photo) Read more: BRUTAL repression in SPS – updated release of the broad movement for dignity about repression in SPS, 15/9/15 September 2010 the broad movement for dignity and justice to the Honduran… Read more Cusuco National Park

Making History

Discover the Roman Barcelona, discover the medieval history of the city, or delve into the era of the modernist geniuses can do only in the city of Barcelona. The Catalan capital have so many beautiful buildings that you can not look up if you go through their most emblematic neighbourhoods: buildings that go from Gothic… Read more Making History

Artists Change

Creative pool BASE BERLIN uses Netherlands tour the innovative show production with new ensemble continued for the show production international newcomers were base – made in Berlin, with the BASE, the Berlin creative pool is touring BERLIN since early April successfully by renowned theatres of the Netherlands, and unites the young guns from Berlin. Now… Read more Artists Change

Museum Van Bommel

First exhibition of international artist and winner of the Guerlain drawing Prize 2012 in the United States the Nevada Museum of art in Reno, Nevada, presented by 28 July 2012 to 6 January 2013 with systematic score”the first solo exhibition of German artist Jorinde Voigt in the United States. Recently the Berlin-based artist received regarded… Read more Museum Van Bommel