Maria Najarro

Spanish amber in Spain there are located some 120 deposit of amber, most dating from the Cretaceous period. Of these, 8 contain bioinclusiones and are located mainly in the margins of the Iberian plate during the lower Cretaceous, associated with estuarine and deltaic media. Among the most important sites of Spain at this time highlight Penacerrada (Basque country and Burgos), San Just (Teruel) and El Soplao (Cantabria). Spanish amber hardness ranges between 2 and 2.4. Recent studies of amber from Spain have its beginnings in the mid-1990s when members of the Museum of natural sciences of alava discovered in Penacerrada (Alava) one of the most important sites in the world in Cretaceous amber inclusions. Since then other deposits have been found with inclusions, but so far Penacerrada is which has thousands of inclusions of arthropods. In 2005 a team of Spanish researchers and foreigners, directed from the University of Barcelona starts the multidisciplinary study of the deposits of amber in the Cretaceous of Spain, funded by the Ministry of science and technology.

Since then have been discovered and studied several sites, among which highlight the San Just in Teruel and the el Soplao in Cantabria, by its quality and abundance of fossilized specimens. In late July of 2008 a team of researchers from the Instituto Geologico y Minero of Spain, composed by Maria Najarro de la Parra and Idoia Rosales Franco, discovered a deposit of amber with insects of the Cretaceous unknown so far and an excellent condition in the environment of the cave of El Soplao, near the Cantabrian town of Rabago. In addition to tiny wasps, flies, bedbugs, spiders, cockroaches and mosquitoes sucking of blood fed itching to dinosaurs, amber the Soplao encloses a fabric of different spider which had already described in a deposit of Teruel and that aroused a great interest among scientists. It also contains fossil remains of coniferous and the fragment of the oldest blue amber which has been dated.

Florentino Perez

/ Florentino Perez has reported this afternoon the departure of Jorge Valdano’s club. Real Madrid exdirectivo stresses that the decision he has not taken it. Asked the President a meeting three many times, but it was impossible. He left satisfied after dnder the interests of an entity you want. Jorge Valdano, who until this evening as director general and attached to the Presidency of Real Madrid, has been dismissed to the press from his position and his last two years like white steering making that the club is which has taken the decision and that he always tried to meet with the President and Jose Mourinho, but it was not possible. Come the season finale Florentino Perez is, who has to make a decision and it has clearly opted. If the perception is that there was a struggle between the two (Mourinho and I), the winner of the fight you just count Florentino Perez opts, has pointed out in a cordial tone 55 years exdirectivo.

Questioned about his stance a fortnight ago, in which It maintained its intention to continue at the club, ensures that it was still his intention. I said she was not leaving and that he had no thought resign. My responsibility is diluted when it is a decision of the club, I not missed the truth. Valdano, who has shown his respect and devotion to the real entity, has indicated that he has always acted according to the interests of the institution. I have never turned Real Madrid into a battlefield.

My effort was containment, forced to prudence, responsibility and institutional sense. Arose a battle which I tried to escape because he believed that it was not good for Real Madrid. Much respect to this club, I want you, you taught me everything. Come the season finale is the club who has to make a decision and has clearly opted.

Cusuco National Park

boys and girls affected by fumes and violence are reported. people still flee at this moment. This story is developing. (Daily time photo) Read more: BRUTAL repression in SPS – updated release of the broad movement for dignity about repression in SPS, 15/9/15 September 2010 the broad movement for dignity and justice to the Honduran people and the whole world informs the day today at 11 A.M. has been repressed violently progress of resistance in the city of San Pedro Sula and until this moment when exactly are the 12 noon the repressive elements of the wild and murderous Government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa are still chasing in the streets of the downtown area in the vicinity of the Museum of anthropology and history where have sheltered from children to the elderly. Read more: release the broad movement for dignity about repression in SPS, 15/9/the police under the command of Hector Ivan Mejia dislodges and represses the ENCAMION Wednesday, September 15, 2010 11: 42 police prevents the entrance to Central Park in San Pedro Sula of the front national’s Popular resistance by throwing gas tear, water and up to toletazos. Earlier, it was reported the ENCAMION requires a true Independenciamas of 10 thousand people, members of the national front of Popular Resistance (ENCAMION), left the Dandy market and leave by 7 Street southbound to the statue of Francisco Morazan, where will make homage to the Central American Champion. Were then installed in the park where there will be a concert seek killers of TATUCO the best RETRACTION of city Latin in SOACHA The affectionate (((alert Bogota))) boss PN expects justice sanctions police assassins Your News Top 5 NEW things to do at Cusuco National Park Jungle Xpedition Tours, San Pedro Sula, Honduras Eco Tours and Travel in Central America, Tour Guides in Honduras I Believe in Advertising ONLY SELECTED ADVERTISING Advertising Blog & Community Samsung: Christ, Sphinx, Statue of Liberty the Zionist murderers of Iraq The sovereign people

List Of Tasks For A Move

Moving! The same thinking gives chills by our spine and can lead us to break into a cold sweat. Experts say that any kind of change creates stress. A moving, (and especially if you are moving to a new city or State), represents a major change and, naturally, brings a lot of stress with him. This can be a double blow, because stress can lead to a lack of energy and motivation. Many of us tend to postpone during periods of stress in our lives. This is a time, however, when it must rise above that. In the preparation of a movement that we need to throttle to fund and get a lot of things done. This list contains many suggestions that may seem as obvious.

However, the very act of print these simple suggestions and reminders can become a significant security blanket when approaching the dreaded moment. Transfer and relocation of the calls for being proactive, grab the bull by the horns and, in fact complete certain tasks in advance to schedule. We hope that this small paper will help you to achieve that. In this particular article which we are leaving aside the big things, like the search for the best moving company, research on his new neighborhood of transport, parking, employment, etc these are other articles in a day. Today we’re focusing on the fundamentals of planning and preparation. Get rid of what you don’t need.

Many of us are pack rats. One thing that we can do immediately is going through all our things and get rid of what you don’t need more. Move unwanted clothes and totems of a place of residence to another is a great waste of time and effort. It is surprising how much more in control we feel once you begin to reduce our inventory of what you really need to keep.

Making History

Discover the Roman Barcelona, discover the medieval history of the city, or delve into the era of the modernist geniuses can do only in the city of Barcelona. The Catalan capital have so many beautiful buildings that you can not look up if you go through their most emblematic neighbourhoods: buildings that go from Gothic to modernist, archaeological remains and ancient Barcino, which there are still vestiges and which occupied practically the same extension of the Gothic quarter in the center of the city. This beautiful area near the Cathedral of Barcelona, can also be found official buildings of the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona History Museum. The creation of l Eixample this period there are also significant improvements, since industry prospers economically and demographically, with what the medieval walls no longer serve to defend so many inhabitants in 1860, Idelfons Cerda carried out a plan of urban development of the city: two perpendicular streets parallel to the sea that is they cut at a right angle. Today it’s l Eixample, with Diagonal and Meridiana as main axes. Thus, Barcelona will happen to occupy two hectares, i.e. twenty times the surface of the medieval city, and will see his power in Spain, same that will participate in the political and cultural of late 19th and early 20th Centuries movement: modernism. It is very advisable to stroll l Eixample, one of the most opulent area in which were the residences of the bourgeois class. There are many accommodation possibilities that you will bring to this area, as an apartment in Barcelona there is that stress during this period Joan de Borgunya worked in the polychromy of images for the convent of Santa Catalina, decorations to fresco and preparatory drawings for rain coats, the pictorial decoration of the choir, the design of a stained glass window in the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Artists Change

Creative pool BASE BERLIN uses Netherlands tour the innovative show production with new ensemble continued for the show production international newcomers were base – made in Berlin, with the BASE, the Berlin creative pool is touring BERLIN since early April successfully by renowned theatres of the Netherlands, and unites the young guns from Berlin. Now is an artist Exchange: the ensemble changes due to overlaps with engagements in Germany. No less wild artists from the Berlin art pool move up and take over the boarding of the tour stages in the neighbouring country. So far, Mohamed Canbeldek, was Dennis Mac DAO, Samira Radojevic, Pablo Caesar, Chris Myland, David Pereira, Lina Navakaite, Katharina Lebedew, Felice Aguilar and Thomas John for standing ovations at the Dutch audience, so lead from 1 may Vilma Raff, Lena Ries, Sebastian matte, Kati & Philipp, Girma Stella, Martin Schepers alias Mr. Benedict and Mirko Kockenberger the tour continues. Until May 13, BASE is made in Berlin”on a total of 11 stations in the Netherlands to experience new ensemble. “” The young savages from Berlin will present a show somewhere versus College musical”Spring Awakening”. A dazzling mix of unique and extremely athletic, classic variety art expected influences of the new culture movement coupled with hip viewers.

All performances were in the creative hotbed BASE BERLIN. Exception artist Pierre Caesar of the legendary Caesar Twins Markus Pabst, who founded the cultural workshop together, developed the innovative and expressive show with matching music, harmonious lighting effects and thus go a fine border passage between Opera and rock, between artistry and dance. BASE made in Berlin directed by: Pierre Caesar and Markus Pabst choreography: Dennis Mac DAO, Chris Myland stagecraft: Reinhard Bichsel stage: Daniela Drobny lighting design: Reinhard Bichsel, Pierre Caesar ensemble in may: Vilma Raff singing Lena Ries contortion Sebastian Matt Comedy Kati & Philipp partner Akrobatik Girma Stella – juggling Martin Sagar alias Mr Benedict Strapaten, Cyr Mirko Kockenberger – Equilibristics the tour dates in may: Tue 01.05.12 Stadsgehoorzaal, Kampen, Wed 02.05.12 Schouwburg Venray, Venray, Thu 03.05.12 Schouwburg De Kampanje, Helder Fri 04.05.12 Parktheater Eindhoven, Eindhoven, sat 05.05.12 Theatre de Maaspoort, Venlo, so. 06.05.12 Theatre Agora, Lelystad, Wed 09.05.12 Stadsgehoorzaal, Vlaardingen, Thu 10.05.12 de Meerpaal Dronten, Fri 11.05.12 Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht, sat 12.05.12 Chasse Theatre, Breda, so. 13.05.12 de Spiegel Odeon theatre, Zwolle, BASE BERLIN, Berlin founded in 2008, sees itself as kind of pool of a new generation of artists and performers.

BASE is the platform of young self-employed creatives from the fields of art, dance, photography and drama. Here are new performances and shows in collaboration with choreographers, directors, photographers and in the mutual exchange with each other. The Berlin creative pool is like no other for new forms of artistry. “” Shows like Vivace”, Caesar Twins, SOAP, made in Germany and dummy”comes from the springs of Basianern”. From the artist network emerged acts were Cirque de Demain, inter alia to the Royal variety performance, the Circus Festival”in Paris, Teddy award invited and awarded prizes. Show productions of the species pool were performed in Germany, London, New York City and on Broadway. BASE shows are available for a fast-paced lifestyle and set variety trends throughout the world.

Museum Van Bommel

First exhibition of international artist and winner of the Guerlain drawing Prize 2012 in the United States the Nevada Museum of art in Reno, Nevada, presented by 28 July 2012 to 6 January 2013 with systematic score”the first solo exhibition of German artist Jorinde Voigt in the United States. Recently the Berlin-based artist received regarded the Guerlain drawing Prize, 2012, will be honored with the international artists are establishing a cultural reference to France in her work. The work of the artist is based on a stand-alone logic that fascinating, but inscrutable impact on the Viewer. Their drawings show references at geography and music, literature and philosophy. Dynamism and liveliness is created by self-imposed rules (algorithms), as well as spontaneous control deviations. The Museum of modern art, New York and the Musee d’art modern you Centre Pompidou their works recently recorded in Paris in their permanent exhibition. Jorinde Voigt was born in 1977 in Frankfurt. She studied philosophy and literature before She studied at the University of Arts Berlin plastic art.

On the Art Cologne 2006 you managed a new talent”with the Gallery of flag man in Berlin a national and international breakthrough in the art scene. 2008 Jorinde Voigt was awarded the Otto-Dix-prize of the city of Gera. Their works were among other things already in the issued by the Heydt Museum, Wuppertal, in the Museum Van Bommel van Dam in the Netherlands, and in the Gallery of David Nolan, New York. More information about the Nevada Museum of art and the exhibition by Jorinde Voigt: exhibitions/detail? eid = 229 more events and general information about Nevada, see at. Images and further press information on Nevada at