Great Communication

They see that the first indications of communication had appeared when the human beings of the caves had made paintings in its ' ' lares' ' , with illustrations of animals and objects. Times later, in Greece and Rome old, agriculturists identified the large barrels where they kept its wine with the name of the proprietor of the vines, in a classified operation today as the first use of a mark. Thus being, these primitive marks had started to give fame to some types of considered wines of better quality of what others, also arriving to increase its value of exchange for other agricultural products as the wheat and the barley. With the sprouting of the Christianity, the religion as a whole passed also to use of the tool communication. One of the symbols of the Christianity was the bell, considered a strong element for the calling of the faithful for the masses, as well as for the touch of deceased when some death occurred, and also being used to announce imminent the fond one of barbarous warriors of other nations, being able, thus, to prepare the forces of the locality to reject the enemies. With the creation of the first periodical with Gutemberg, and later from the industrial revolution, in century XVIII, the periodicals had passed to print, to the side of notice and diverse substances, commercial announcements, promoting products of most diverse, since sabonetes the boiled musts, creating of this form the advertising.

In the current days, with the Internet, the TV is suffering its first great crisis as vehicle from communication and already it is if adaptando, as it made it to the Radio, years behind, not to lose. The same adaptation procedure already comes occurring with the communication vehicles printed matters, time that, the periodicals, as well as the magazines, start to feel the effect of the loss of its ' ' to be able imperial' ' , in reason of the young population to lose and to tend to lose each time more the healthful habit of the reading of these publications. Specialists in the communication area proclaim that currently the Internet openly, in Brazil, already it is the most important vehicle of communication, repeating, in this way, what already she occurred in countries of first world, as the United States, Germany, Great-Britain, France Japan, to cite as examples. Thus being, the Internet came to be, however, is not enough only in them to use of e-mails and the tools of marketing and the sites of the proper company, having the necessity of a perfect domain of blogs, the news sites and the social nets as communication vehicles, a time that paraphrasing the old Chacrinha warrior, ' ' who not to adapt itself goes if trumbicar.' '