Dried Flowers

To decorate the house interior is often used in dried flower arrangement. However, besides the ability to properly make bouquets, and care must be taken on the appropriate vessel for their installation. In vases made in the pastel colors look good catchy bouquets of brightly colored flowers line the vessels, made with a clear-cut pattern. It will be easier than coloring the most vases, the greater the number of plants is possible for use in the composition. For bouquets of dried flowers are composed of blood vessels are not required, to hold water. Therefore, selection of vessels, which are placed in dry bouquets and wide enough. However, here are some of their features. For example, in clear glass vases large number of stems of dried flowers will not look very nice.

Therefore, it is desirable to mask the moss or colored paper. In the crystal, porcelain and porcelain vases, dried flowers can look a bit pretentious. For compositions of dried flowers are best to use containers made of natural materials. It should also be borne in mind that very dry bouquet light, and the entire composition can be very unstable. In this case, burden the bottom of the vase, for example by filling it with sand or by placing small pebbles. For dried arrangements only the most suitable Metal containers: cups or mugs, metal dishes or pots. Such containers, and even small, fairly heavy and sustained. The composition of flowers is easier to be in those vessels in which the neck is narrower than base.

In order for the flowers do not spread out and not fall out, a bunch must be secured. Small and medium-sized plants, and, consequently, not very heavy, reinforce by a dry sponge or floral moss cushion. If the vessel deep enough, you should not fill it up to the top with a sponge or moss. Such a vessel can choose the appropriate size "insert", for example, the usual tin can in which to make and mount the main colors. When preparing any composition should observe a certain relation to the size of the vase and bouquet: 3:5 – 5:8 height to width. It is desirable to form a combination of flower arrangement and the vessel. To make the bouquets ease and naturalness always be left free sites in the neck of the vessel, ie, not tightly fill the vase with flower stems. By setting the composition of the colors in the room should take into account the direction of gaze looking at a bunch. High vase is necessary to have as low as possible so that they could not divert attention from themselves flowers, and are not forced to consider a bouquet from the bottom up. The compositions set forth in the vessels of low will appear preferable, if their place at the sight, or when viewed from above. The average height of the vase is placed at almost any level. The vessel is a kind of "mediator" between colors and their surrounding situation. Therefore it is necessary each time enough to carefully choose the right vase for the preparation of the composition. Skillfully drawn and correctly picked a bouquet for a capacity capable to decorate the interior of any room.