Black Square

The commodity price is the price of the individual. Cost of goods – the price of the species. Price is born 'fight' the system 'buyer – seller'. Cost generated a set of such systems. Real barter concept of 'price' and 'value' is often used as synonyms. And this is natural: the possibility of the use of a concept depends entirely on the subjective point of view of the man himself. If the product is perceived by man as a concrete thing, the price of goods is the price of this thing. And if the product is perceived by a person as a representative of the type of goods, in this case the price of goods becomes a modelview price – cost.

Cost of goods is not inherent in the goods themselves, it is shaped by the views of people who exchange these goods. Moreover, the opinion of the persons forming the cost of goods on or that the market may not necessarily represent the views of people outside this market. For example, fans of abstract art, Malevich considering a genius artist, formed his opinion the high cost of his paintings and, in particular, painting "Black Square". The opinion of people who consider this normal and oil painting in the square, did not have on its cost no effect, because it is the opinion of people outside the market lovers of abstract painting. Thus, cost of goods is formed in a specific market, through the views of individual participants sharing in the 'fight' a number of systems' buyer – seller ',' the seller – the seller 'and' buyer – the buyer.