Lotus Flower

Is decisive for the quality of the tablecloth of course, the quality of the coating. How long does she, she stands some washes? We remember: there are no standards and no seal of approval. And unfortunately cannot be seen to even the quality of the coating product. A fabric tablecloth in different ways can be sealed. For many products, the type of seal is not specified at all, and one can only speculate as a customer what’s behind it.

It is indeed amazing, but true: that a table cloth is washable, still long does not mean that nothing in the fabric can enter! This can be the case of the Nano sealing the case, also called Lotus effect. Here the individual glass fibres are not sealed, the entire surface. This means that dirt is still between the fibres and builds up there. And just grease drintgt also in the tissue. A Lotus Flower, water rolls off super. Greasy gravy never was mentioned. The nano-coating is not unlimited life and can in some circumstances after the first wash be gone. Moreover: many so-called Nano-coatings are wax systems based only on silicon or Teflon and have nothing in common with the actual nano-technology.

Generally, probably, it can be said that caution is announced for cheap products. A highly effective, long-lasting seal is a special process that simply has its price. Washable tablecloth with a coating of acrylic coating with acrylic is durable and of course not only once endures also the laundry in the machine without any problems! From my own experience and from reports my clients but I know that these tablecloths are washed only very rarely if at all. Because: the tissue is completely sealed, it gets nothing. A simple wipe with a sponge and evt. some washing-up liquid is sufficient to clean the surface completely. The acrylic coating makes the fabric also less sensitive to sunlight.