TNS Emnid Poll: Flowers Are Memorable

Flowers wither, but the feeling lives on! Flowers wither, but the feeling lives on! One of Fleurop at TNS Emnid in order given study proves: A flower gift has a long time left. All 86 percent of Germans remember a certain bunch of flowers, they have given once or even given away. 63 percent of respondents this event is already more than a year, 30 percent of respondents even longer than ten years. Flowers are a very special gift: even though they long ago withered and pretty no longer in the vase to be, you can’t remember it, for years! This is a representative survey currently returned by Fleurop at the market research firm TNS Emnid in order. A full 91% of women in Germany and even 82 percent of men recall a special bouquet of flowers, they have ever received or even given away. You know even what looked like the ostrich, which flowers he was bound and what color they were. And they remember the time and place where he still fresh and crisp bouquet caused great emotions, even when the event years back. So, 30 percent of respondents indicating that the a bouquet of flowers, to which they so clearly can remember, is withered more than 10 years ago.

Many flower fans seem to live in Saxony and Thuringia, here all can remember 94 percent of those surveyed the bouquet, the Bavarians with 92 percent followed by third place. But it seems to actually apply that flowers seem so long for Germany, so there is no State where less than 81 per cent of respondents recall that a special flower moment. It is also in this country usually dried flower bouquets, you never want to forget. More than half of all Germans indicates ever to have dried a bouquet of flowers, to preserve it for a long time.