The Illusion

We did not really get out of life – only the illusion of senseless vanity. Us ruled by people whose mind crystal clear. Their mind is free from morality, and they do not believe in God, in any case, the God whom we presented with this world religion. They are not afraid to spill blood, do not be afraid to cheat, do not be afraid Judgement and Hell. They laugh at all this, and laughed, spit in our faces. Whole nations for them to abstract units, toys for achieving the goals which we can only guess.

There is no doubt that in today's world dominated by force, indifferent to the common human destiny, and even the fate of millions of ordinary people. Danny Meyer is full of insight into the issues. And they will do anything to achieve their goals – power and domination for ever. Step by step they go to the child – giperupravlyaemoe society has already become a reality. iii. Renounce freedom, give up the fight, refuse to think. More than anything, I hate the stench that spreads lies. And they lie to us! Do you believe that the vote for President? Do you believe in what they say clever uncle and aunt from tv, magazines, newspapers, radio and the Internet? Do you believe in unguided economic crises? Believe that the cave men from Afghanistan hijacked planes and destroyed skyscrapers in the U.S Believe in something that the drug mafia is invincible and can successfully withstand decades of army, police, security services, and no one can defeat it? Do you believe it Today, people believe they are well informed about what is happening in world. But only a few understand that the opinions that people today consider their own, in fact created in specialized organizations whose purpose is to influence public opinion and outlook of each of the us.