The Europeans

Alexis Clerel de Tocqueville (1805-1859) von wrote: Americanization is seen from Europe a re-import of European values, in the form of continued and modified! Since 1949 we reflect primarily the American society (United States independence since 4.7.1776) Germans and Europeans. We but please remember, that the American Calvinist ancestors were Europeans, where our former European Catholic world was too narrow and in-tolerant. Tolerance and individual freedom is also today still extremely important to the Americans. Prohibition of firearms as a deprivation of liberty? Europeans write (footnotes down/rear) on the booking summary: the you have to clown you kindly note! Americans informed sources in the text and summaries are available at the beginning of the chapter: LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Marriage goes as fast as divorce. HIRE AND FIRE. The American conquerors were on the US East coast on land and sought then westward. The consequences: The Europeans built Towns and villages round to churches around. The Conqueror initially built their villages along the East-West highways (such as route 66).

Being consciously reflected that-be. Later they built (s. Manhattan) square and rectangular (Cartesisch mechanistic logic). Roads were given numbers instead of, as in Europe, name of deceased, etc. We based our chocolate form later on Manhattan (square, practical, good). The state motto of the U.S.

was since 1776: pluribus unum (out of many one). Since 1956, it reads: in God we trust (in God we trust.). New York Museums shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The latter is available on every dollar bill and is a guaranteed Einlosungs promise, that we Europeans took over. An American invented the banknotes, currency, cheques, etc. ideal means for a mobile society: low real – and high nominal value, easy and space-saving. Because that wasn’t enough there were above the credit card: buy today and pay over tomorrow. In addition, success-rich Puritan American society became the global real-time market Thanks to digitization, automation and rationalization a second market, the symbol for players and gamblers, so effective things such as exchanges and hedge funds, and so on means for the fourth great depression. This mobile U.S. society got the rental car with residential car incl. portable TV and the disposable tableware In the real estate market: for often to feeding with residential buildings in light-weight design. Germans build for the eternity. As the lending library, the pree pre-paid card with mobile phone and the motel. The drive-in theater, the Drive-In along with junk food. Super market with self service instead of a MOM and pop store. While the minimal functional Bauhaus (Expressionism, form function unit) in Europe ball and the culture-basic-form reduced everything to the nature-basic-form cubes, as well as the primary colors of red, blue and green even tricycles for U.S. toddlers got a streamlined shape, for its speed. We all know the cars of the 50s: 6 litre capacity, 12 cylinders, 35 litre consumption and 3-5 tons heavy streamlined. And we Europeans? We accept all things American. Because it facilitates our life and it is convenient, and now even more nothing for it! Europeans make a mess. Americans pads. “Germans ask: is it allowed?” “Americans say: everything is permitted, until it will be forbidden!” Americans and Europeans, an interesting vital symbiosis! More about it later. Its Wolfgang Schwalm (C) text-forge

New York Gets Total Smoking Ban

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is serious about the total smoking ban. Cigarette in parks and public places smoking Sheriff Thomas Farley is back at work the health officer of the city of New York, Thomas Farley, got a large order to implement Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York: the absolute freedom of the flue should be enforced in New York. Farley working already for some months together with the competent authorities on a smoking ban for parks, gardens, beaches and public plazas. This measure contracted by Bloomberg is part of a broad health strategy, on the one hand to protect non-smokers even further to reduce the number of smokers still better. Since 2004 absolute ban on smoking in all New York offices may become inaccessible offices already since the year 2003 in New York City to the cigarette or cigar. At railway stations and public buildings this smoking ban has been implemented consistently. These rules are complied with, the Prohibition of smoking in the workplace is now accepted at the New Yorkers. So far, the smokers could still a smoking break, and before the door go to indulge their vices.

In the near future too by the municipal health authorities will be no longer allowed. Then, it will be only possible to smoke in a private setting, so in his living quarters. Already since 1995 absolute smoking ban in new since 1995 an absolute smoking York gastronomy for the visitors of the New York City bars and restaurants. Also this prohibition has been consistently implemented after a transitional period and accepted essentially from New Yorkers. The new ban comes into force, the place for smokers in New York is running out.

In the hospitality industry, authorities, offices and stations the previous bans already showed a sustainable effect. 2010, whereas in the years town population smoked 2002 still 21.5 percent of New York, this share has fallen to 6.9 per cent. Losing opposition from the tobacco industry defends the American tobacco industry themselves although against this renewed aggravation, is but as already at previous tightening on lost ground. Already ban smoking in catering 2003 could not be prevented by the tobacco industry. Model for New York is about the U.S. State of California, where in some districts of smoking already, totally was banned from Park playgrounds and beaches. Since the city of Los Angeles has expanded its smoking ban, which already was up to this point for the Pacific beaches, 2007 also on all public facilities and parks. Also in Austria, a further tightening of the protection of non-smokers to come.

German Authorities And The Technology

In Germany, there are address as well as hardly any personal conversations if you are looking for a number for an agency on the Internet comes as first an email. If you’re lucky, then is there a service number, but that was it then too. Well, we think, then I call just the number, but there it hangs then mostly Yes anyway over five minutes waiting in the wings and also the subsequent prompts are a band. Recently, I have just phoned with the Federal Agency for work and wanted to make a personal appointment. But as the answer came to me, that I me for once in the Internet would have to register somewhere. When I asked professional in formative second according to a conversation I was referred to on the Internet. There, I then took the test and came up with a result.

This was even partly on me, but I was already very disappointed I me the jobs hardly could look into. So I again called the hotline and was told again that there would be only this test and I as I said in the Internet should be and me would have to register as unemployed. When I mentioned that a friend got this without registration I was quickly stamped. It is exactly the same but even with our federal ministries. A friend of mine wanted to fly to Mallorca in the summer and I wanted to know what it would look like with the swine flu. I signed up in Berlin and got a phone number that whopping 3.50 the minute should cost me.

Since it is actually almost so as if it were our Government no matter how citizens from the holiday would come back. Not the sense of the thing you can’t be easy. Nevertheless I very hope that this would change in the near future, because only so can get more jobs. But well, we’ll see what the future brings! Desiree Sophie Lepell