Winter Holiday In The Cross-country Skiing Paradise Rhon

Pension Mihm offers guided cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing active winter travelers if the winter is so beautiful, as in the last season, then our holiday guests can enjoy again magnificent snow and gorgeous white landscapes in the Rhon biosphere reserve. The Hochrhon our pension is located in the Centre. From here you can start wonderful skiing and snow-shoeing. Holiday in the Rhon is what for most rather for the summer or fall. Because then it can be extensively here hiking and biking with the MTB. Only in the last few years winter tourism in the Rhon has developed really. Especially active vacationers come with the offer of cross-country and fully stretch their money. We want to achieve exactly this target group with our winter offers also: sports-minded vacationers who are in nature and in various outdoor activities, relax.

Therefore, our House offers different winter packages this year. The first package are guided cross-country ski tours away from the Trails. Is the snow in the higher regions of the biosphere reserve high enough, cross-country skiing as well as everywhere is to ride. Guests who want to experience the Rhon on less intense tourist paths, are a guided cross-country skiing tour with me especially enjoy. Depending on the condition and desire, I’ll show you how glorious is the Rhon Mountains in the winter. Each tour is organised in a way that there is a retreat and together again brings us my shuttle if needed. Anyone wishing to make cross-country on his own, is in good hands at Trail Park.

It is located at the foot of the Heidelsteins in the parking lot of red mud. Here you will find perfectly groomed route from three to 10 kilometers. The second package, which is offered by our pension is aimed at guests who want to discover the Winter fairy tale landscapes of the Rhon prefer walking. I offer guided snow-shoe hikes. To get the snow shoes to, I borrowed. My shuttle is used also for these tours, and a retreat is also part of the tour program. At last I would like to draw attention even on my popular Husky tours. These can be combined with the cross country skiing and snow shoeing. The Husky tour will take about an hour on a dogsled through the Thuringian Rhon. Then, there is still a mulled wine reception in the tipi of Alida and Sebastian, the dog sled drivers. The tours on my Web site at can be booked. There is also extensive image and video material to look at.