Sustainable Retailers

Toys shipping promotes the sustainable consumption sustainability a word of many meanings. But it is on everyone’s lips. Sustainability involves things such as social and environmental responsibility. To proactive with regard to the quality of life of future generations. The globalized world is increasingly opaque to the consumer. No more really knows where and under what conditions the product was manufactured.

It is all the more important that companies take a clear position and actively contribute to create transparency for the consumer. That this is unfortunately too rarely the case, the consumer INITIATIVE e.V. in this year’s survey in the framework of the project of environmental and social responsibility in companies – more transparency through consumer information “to find. Only a few of the companies contacted were willing to provide information about its commitment to sustainability. One of the participants of this year’s survey was the D-toy toys shipping. The company, which with the slogan play you on the safe side”touts, specializes in toys made in Germany. The company was founded in against the background is haufender headlines to toxic toys from Asia.

We want that our customers can watch their children without hesitation, if they once again take the wooden blocks in the mouth”, as David Pennartz, founder and owner of D-toy. The young company must not hide sustainability. Since D-toy contributes through the support of local production to avoid transportation of goods. Also attention is paid when choosing the suppliers eager, those engaged in the field of environmental protection and resource conservation. Survey, D-toy has in the promotion of sustainable consumption”therefore also exceptionally well cut off and must be about the award sustainable retail companies 2010″ look.