IPI Innovation Center

SharePoint specialist IPI GmbH provides for the submission and structured evaluation of ideas before Lichtenau, 26.08.2010 collaborative tool. With its new Innovation Center wants to harness the innovation potential of enterprises Lichtenauer IPI GmbH. The tool on the basis of the latest version of SharePoint SharePoint 2010 allows employees to submit ideas and suggestions for improvement in a standardized way. The innovation saves the ideas Center electronically and offers a complete overview of all in the companies discussed approaches. The proposals can be evaluated structured in a unified process. Seamless integration into the SharePoint environment can involve competent colleagues from your own team or even the entire company to evaluate the ideas. In a stage-gate process usual for innovation processes traverse several, freely defined by the idea of managers rating level one after the other. The independence of the evaluations is maintained, by you the visibility of ideas and reviews restricts. Depending on your idea, you can individually set, which users can see what information. The Innovation Center allows to identify valuable ideas and innovations. Through a consistent implementation of interesting proposals can be especially long term costs and increase the quality of products and services. Ideas can be entered via E-Mail or directly from the intuitive home page of the Innovation Center. The application provides the structured process of templates available that can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the company. So, you can add some custom criteria via drag & drop. In addition, any files to the other explanation can be attached. The realization of the ideas can be done seamlessly following in project areas of the SharePoint Portal. The Innovation Center is a valuable tool to bring in the process of idea of and innovation structure and transparency and to promote creativity in the company. The electronic storage no more ideas be lost, even if employees ever retire. Whether it is implemented ideas, ideas that are rejected or deferred, the proposals are collected and Center keep also permanently in the innovation. The reviews can also in relation to the risk management at any time to understand what decision has been taken for whatever reason. “These decisions documented the system automatically”, says IPI CEO Roland Klein the added value of the solution. The use of the Innovation Center pays for itself quickly, because the implementation times are short. Side effects of the solution are higher motivation and satisfaction of the employees, if internally developed solution proposals are accepted and implemented. About IPI GmbH: The IPI was founded in 1996 as consulting for Microsoft technologies and has since been known on the market as an innovative, collaborative and efficient IT-consulting company. Since 2002, IPI is specializes in the consulting, implementation, and product development related to the Microsoft SharePoint Server. On the German market is the company thus among the pioneers and market leaders in this technology. In software development, the focus is on the creation of SharePoint is business products. In addition, IPI has expertise in the areas of collaborative innovation and knowledge management, and enterprise collaboration management.