New York

“The opener is also the first single: where love calls your name”. It’s a very enthrones song where love is here with positive energy. The song is expressing that it does us good When we are loved. Where love is, it can be bad”. “A song standing completely in and especially of the arrangement a completely new to listening Nik P. is in a foreign land” discover. There are the sounds of a ukulele, then the brass section, which not coincidentally very American sound and the text that this simple, yet touching story. It is made out of life, observations, even experienced.

“And with regard to the winds, recorded in New York,” says Nik. The boy with the air guitar”is that album, which presents the songwriter Nik P. with a considerably sophisticated bandwidth of its qualities. “” “Of course, there are the potential hits like everything you’re what I need” or the absolute sing-along song we are the best “and launched a re-recording of the title, the Nik P. for the first time right in the charts: Ireen”.

“But there are to discover there still so many exciting facets: In the next life”, my Heart”or the mirror on the wall”. Recorded and produced the bulk of the album was getting back together with Matze Roska in the Middle Studios Berlin and in Niks Home Studio. It notes the CD that she had the opportunity to grow in a harmonious environment. The boy with the air guitar has grown up. He is better than ever. All fans have the chance of them convince numerous live dates with the new album or at Niks. You should register now already thick a very special calendar: the great Nik P.