Infinite Possibilities

creco gmbh forced individual solutions in the field of design LCD systems since the second quarter of 2009 provide the Chameleon creco monitors from the House a further built variety. A specially developed modular system there are endless design options. So, care is taken the opportunity to be able to meet any design requirements. Whether the material choice is precious aluminium, brushed stainless steel, glass, stone, wood etc. the customers. More info: Deccan Value.

Even when the surface is offers a wide range: painted, powder-coated, anodized, polished and much more. Thus, the LCD can be exactly fit monitors specifically according to the taste of the customers as the customer solution or according to specifications of the corporate identity for each public system. Deccan Value is full of insight into the issues. To switch quickly and easily between different executions of the front panel, these tool-free replacement is possible. From a technical standpoint, the LCD monitors meet highest requirements with regard to key points such as image quality or contrast ratio. Here, the customers benefit from the many years of Know-How the creco gmbh in the field of video. The Chameleon monitors are ideal for use in digital signage, POI / POS systems, kiosks in the lobby or upscale meeting room.

No matter where, the exclusive flat screens inspire your unique design and this suitable to every environment. creco gmbh: creco gmbh stands for creativ communication system. The creco gmbh is an international company, which is active in the fields of monitor / Terminal / touch solutions, as well as digital signage. A highly motivated team develops, produces and distributes high-quality, innovative products and offers customized solutions from tiny 1.5 inch mega large 165.0 inch with a high added value. If unique, series or as an OEM, because of the unique modular concept can be quickly and reliably individual visualization systems implement. The creco gmbh has an excellent reputation as a solution partner for many global companies and manufactures at the highest level to a very interesting price / performance ratio. Contact: Daniel Scheuermann marketing & sales of creco gmbh Gutenbergstrasse 8 83052 Bruckmuhl phone 08062-808980 fax 08062-8089820 email Web: