Viva Viva Eta Al Qaeda

The terrorists are not punishable. The Montoneros are good people who killed because didn’t have anything better to do on Fridays. Because Spain comes up with pursuit of ETA, good people who kills as the Montoneros or the ERP, of boring pure than they are? Because the world wants to liquidate Al Qaeda if they are poor people who can’t do their lives but are not State terrorism? Argentine Montonero or ERP definitions have no possible definition. Any adjective is left them short. Unless the murderers of the 1970s, that Aramburu and were killed there over thousands of Argentines are now gobernandonos. If these killers are those who govern us then it is logical to define that they are good people and there is no to condemn them. But we’re crazy, we are completely out of all criteria and against the world, in favor of ETA and Al-Qaeda and of how killer comes to mind spending your weekend killing people that define in any way in this sense would that have embarrassed to walk down the street. More information at original author and source of the article..