Custom Calendars

Calendars are an integral part of our every day, since they help to improve our Organization both weekly, monthly, annual. Calendars meet a very functional purpose; they are one of the best ways to make the countdown of the most special events or to keep abreast of our obligations. For all these reasons, they are a great idea as a personalized gift for friends and family, both for yourself! The range of personalized calendars that Vistaprint offers consists of six essential formats: calendars custom wall, table, poster, Pocket type, magnetized and congratulations on the calendar. Custom wall custom wall calendars calendars have a size large enough to write comments, notes or reminders as the days pass. Thanks to the possibility to upload their own photos, each month will be accompanied by good souvenirs, so daily obligations that mark the custom calendar will be always surrounded by joy. Custom calendars of any Office or work desk table table must have a good and enlightening desk calendar to help its user to bear in mind the different important dates that are to come. Custom calendars from Vistaprint table have an ideal size (10,5 x 21 cm) to fulfill this specific function.

Custom calendars type poster this is probably the most commonly used for gifts on birthdays or anniversaries personalised calendar type. It is possible to choose between numerous theme designs available at Vistaprint or upload your own photo or logo. With a size 28.5 x 44 cm, type poster custom calendars are ideal to have a good panoramic view of the entire year and plan long-term events like holidays, courses or other similar events. Custom calendars of Pocket give this type of customized calendar is a practical detail while emotional to come with a printed photograph. Custom Pocket calendars are they can carry everywhere since they occupy very little space but, however, they have enough surface to carry printed a photograph to our loved beyond wherever we go. The horizontal size of Vistaprint is 9 x 5 cm and vertical: 5 x 9 cm. Custom magnetic calendars to how many people know that he collects magnets? Possibly a lot, because magnets are one of the most popular collectibles today. The reason is simple, the magnets happy any surface on which to hook.

For this reason, custom magnetic calendars have a double function: remember a special moment thanks to photography and to comply with the organizational function of the calendars themselves. Having one of these in the kitchen will be very useful. Congratulations with custom calendar similar to the custom type poster calendars, this type of congratulations have a smaller size. Therefore, they are the perfect gift for family and friends. Congratulations from Vistaprint are available in two sizes: 10,5 x 21 cm or 11.5 x 18 cm.