Hanoch Rosenn – Speechless

The journey of a man in the three-dimensional world press release for the first time in Berlin Hanoch Rosenn speechless the journey of a man in the three-dimensional world show 09 February-04 March 2012, di SA 20:00, so 19:00 Hanoch Rosenn combines what seems hardly consistent: technology, man and wordless poetry. In his multimedia show takes pantomime on a fantastic journey which oscillates between reality and illusion. A digital set design, 3D animations, effective lighting design and fascinating pantomime create a parallel universe that pulls the viewer captivated. Original and always again surprisingly Hanoch Rosenn represents the challenges of the 21st century. As a very experienced Director, he staged a sophisticated show, which tells of the hopes and dreams of humanity. Speechless”speechless so the artist shares with for the first time his audience in Berlin and merged video, light and pantomime. “Poetic” and humorous”and breath-taking” are the probably most relevant attributes to describe Rosenns news program that inspires across generations.

“” “” “” For more information see new/eng / cards phone 030-390 665 50 or cards including all fees: Presale 19.50 34.50 box-office 16.60 29.30 student tickets at the box office: 12.50 press Hanoch Rosenn outdoes itself this time “ A top notch performance that uses cutting edge technology and striking artistic creativity” Shay bar Yaakov-Ydiot (largest Israeli newspaper) pure entertainment “astonishing” a virtuoso “pure poetry”-“5 stars *” haaraetz M. Handelszaltz (isralische newspaper) A production fit for international audiences. A fascinating combination between a perfection in performance and a sophisticated use of technology”Amos Oren Atar Habama (Israeli magazine) to the person of Hanoch Rosenn, born in London, immigriert at the age of four months to Israel, where he was in Jerusalem growing up. With fifteen he began studying at the Jerusalem theatre under Joseph Mondi and comes in a course by TV reporter Amos Arbel for the first time with the pantomime into contact.