Enough Is Never Enough! Gerry X & R Becker On The 14.03.09 In Sistine Chapel / Leipzig

After welding songs hit on this thing called heart – the silent poets had their time… The old avant-garde poete Maudit Gerry X and the young poet Rabea Becker perform texts from the body soul. Three Koto songs from the Quant frothy navel of cosmic madness stomps Gerry X from the body soul, while Rabea Becker presents lyrically sensitive suffered disappointment and self-delusions of her young life. The Uli Linberg saxophonist and guitarist Dominik Haring against puncture and strengthen the lyrical Word with surreal sounds. Official site: jim halpert. Eagerly, we expect our special guest the Kleinstadtpisser Marko Croup.

This reading performance is especially for all those who want to arise not dumbing down of machinery and wide awake and interested in culture rediscover their (hopefully still existing) rebellion in art. You experience different lyric: sensitive, provocative, provocative! This special literature evening 04109 Leipzig takes place on the 14.03.09 from 17:30 in the Sistine Chapel, Katharinenstr. 11, free of charge. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch does not necessarily agree. There is information and excerpts see and Mido Reserve the 14.03.09 at the book fair for an experience this side too ordinary everyday perceptions. Michaela p