Coat Of Arms With Ears

In early June 1960 the U.S. ambassador to the UN has shown in New York State Seal of the United States, which hung in the office of the American ambassador in Moscow. It was hidden by a tiny beetle, which being put into action, passed by the Soviet position control everything that was said in the office of ambassador. The international practice of creating and using personal listening devices like this before do not know. It was a passive scutes: no batteries, no wires, no power, nothing that could be detected by antibagov.

Ustryostvo resembled a tiny tadpole with a small tail. Actuated by a source it microwave signal, which forced the receptors tadpole resonate. Voice of the person affect the character of resonance oscillations of the device, allowing the interception of speech. The microphone can operate indefinitely at the expense of long microwave pulses fed him extremely powerful generator at a distance of 300 meters. In the relevant sector of the microphone was held under the name of Chrysostom, and the operation of the office listening to – Confession. A horrible tap into the inner sanctum as follows: First, the beetle was supposed to build in one of the items: a large shield of a Scythian warrior, made of black alder, a two-meter tusks mammoth, telephone company Ericsson, presented by Nicholas II, the Swedish king Gustav IV, a meter-high waste-paper basket. However, experts explained that none of the exhibits is not appropriate for a given problem, since the design features of the microphone require that a souvenir, which was bony plates has been adapted to it, but not vice versa.

And so the microphone should be installed simultaneously with the manufacture of a gift. K Moreover, this option excludes the presence of microscopic traces on the surface of a souvenir and as a consequence, the detection. In the end, the solution was found. February 4-11, 1945 in Yalta, Crimea Conference was held the “big three” – Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill. It was at this time, it was decided to introduce the office of Ambassador Chrysostom. For a transaction selected on February 9. In this day of celebration was twenty years health resort pioneer “Artek” and awarding her the Order of Red Banner of Labor. Therefore, before 8 February-Commissar for Foreign Affairs Molotov in the presence of Stalin to Roosevelt and Churchill gave an invitation to visit the children from Artek. The calculation was based on the fact that in any case, neither one nor the other in Artek not go as well as their foreign ministers. Thus, it appears that the celebration had to go to the U.S. ambassador in Moscow, Averell Harriman and his English colleague. On the Mr. Harriman day in Artek solemnly handed a huge, gleaming varnish wooden coat of arms the United States, which for eight years, moved into a top-secret study of U.S. envoy. Moreover, inherent in Coat of Arms Microphone – scutes already survived four ambassadors, regularly performing his secret function.

Buddhist Incense

In the Spirit Walk, running from the gate, mounted sculptures that guard against thieves and evil spirits of the tomb. Changlin – the oldest and largest tomb. A the only fully preserved tomb – Dinlin in which the emperor, Zhu Itszyun rests. Another interesting place in Beijing – Summer Palace Yuanminyuan built in the 12th century. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, he into a complex of parks. Yuanminyuan consists of three parts: Chanchunyuan Park – Garden of Eternal Spring, the park Vanchunyuan – Spring Gardens Park and Yuanminyuan – the Old Summer Palace.

This complex is recognized a masterpiece of Chinese landscape gardening, but during the Second Opium War in 1860, all the wooden buildings were burned parks, now of the ensemble were ruins. You can take a pleasant walk in Beihai – Park Northern lakes. The lake, which gave the park name, occupies almost half of its territory. In the southern part of the bulk is the Jade Island, on which rises a tall (36 meters) Lamaist White Pagoda. Not far from the lake You can see the Wall of Nine Dragons – a monument of the Chinese art of the 16th century. The walls are of brick and tile tiled tiles, and on either side shows nine colorful dragons. Great Wall of China – one of the well-known symbols of China. It stretches for 5000 km, and to see it, no need to go to Beijing.

But to get from Beijing to the Great Wall of China easier. Badaling area, where most tourists are brought in including governmental delegations, well restored. The famous wall can also be seen, before reaching the Mutyanyu, where she also performed well restored. To the northwest in the vicinity of Beijing are fragrant mountain – this is country park in which bottled scents of Buddhist Incense. The highest point – the sweet rush, where you can climb as high as the cable car and on foot. The park also has a botanical garden of rare plants and trees from all over Peace and garden of tropical plants, two well-known Buddhist temple Biyunsy (Temple of the azure clouds) and Vofosy (Sleeping Buddha Temple) and Temple of Azure cloud with pagoda Diamond Throne, which was built in Indian style 1366. Park is very picturesque, especially in spring when the cherry blossom and plum trees. Meet with Beijing can use one of the sightseeing tours to China. Of course, not all but many of them begin in just capital of China. Among the programs offered are both group and individual tours. They will examine the most important sights of Beijing, feel the rhythm of life in contemporary China and a dip in the ancient the history of this amazing country.

Fergana Valley

So we went to the Pamirs – combine two elements in our hobbies. To get to Osh in two ways: having arrived by car and arriving by plane. We went by car. Andrew wanted to see Tashkent and the Fergana Valley. The road lay through Ahangaran, Angren, Namangan and Andijan, which was also attractive, even for myself, who had been in these towns several times.

In the road a lot talked about upcoming plans and decided on the minimum and maximum programs. Gone abroad, and here it is – Kyrgyzstan, Osh, and a few miles from us. In Osh, we were met Mahamadsali, a representative of the "Pamir Ekspedishnc" in Kyrgyzstan. It was evening, and we went to the hotel. By placing Andrew in the room, I accepted an invitation to stay with him Mahamadsali, as he learned that I am a former Oshanin, considered it my duty to show hospitality. The evening was for eating pilaf and talk about our plans. Andrew is a walk through the evening Osh, weary road, fell asleep in the cool air conditioning.

The next day was spent waiting for permits papers and documents. And we do not waste time in vain. Traveled to an area where I lived as a child, went to Mount Suleiman, and of course the "past" in the Osh bazaar. In the evening, having received the documents at hand, we decided to go into the night, as eager to get to BC. Alai Valley night in the car – not the best pastime, but I used to ride at night, did not notice as we crossed the pass Taldyk (3500).