Supervisory Board

First, the free operating system was used for the in-house development, commercial success gradually turned. “1995 operating systems cost is really money. That was one reason for our customers to access Linux. Furthermore, Linux is safe, performant and stable”, so Walser. Pitney Bowes, Inc. might disagree with that approach. Today, almost all installations of the abas business software under Linux run server-side. 1996: Member of the Supervisory Board, 1998: Chairman of the Supervisory Board In 1996 merged the two originally independent companies, the ABAS GmbH and system III, the ABAS Software AG. At the Grow together helped the cooperation of the Supervisory Board, which was composed of employees of both companies. At the time of the merger, it sat in various buildings.

The development is located in a historic building of the Centre of Karlsruhe, where she gradually Octopus-like spread with plough forward growth in the building, once an apartment or a storeroom has been free. So it was also that Walser moved into his Office in addition to company founder Wolfgang Dannemann. The contact was close, learned to know and appreciate. Dannemann Walser suggested for the Supervisory Board, two years later the Presidency was entrusted to him, which he held then for eight years. Important formative years were the time of the Supervisory Board for the computer scientist on rhetoric and presentation: “I’m from the heart technician, me is not the present, but I’ve learned and me developed.” 1997: GUI “graphical user interface was a very important milestone for me as a programmer. This development resulted in much more depth than It was visible for the end customer.

We had to come for their implementation of a two-tier architecture to a three-tier architecture. The application and the surface layer were separated. This has provided a clear and uniform structure of the programmes and a significant qualitative leap. We have prepared about three or four years because then the graphical interface was parallel to the ASCII interface available, “Walser explains the scope of the development.