Determine Vekehrswerte At Real Estate Brokers, Architects And Engineers

The real estate market will be close, new fields of business need. The valuation of land and real estate is often offered as a free service. But is the opinion? In particular estate agents, architects and engineers strive to offer with the real estate valuation services, to improve their service or to open up new fields of business. Oral assessments based on experiences are nowadays no longer in demand. Valuations are but time consuming and complicated circumstances. With the software K.IM 2.0 compact real estate valuation for ImmoWertV manages the balancing act between law-compliant precision and time spent, the trial version is free of charge. The focus on the marketing of apartments and houses is obviously no longer sufficient as a real estate broker on the market to assert themselves.

Also architects, civil engineers and surveyors are increasingly looking for a second lucrative foothold. Nothing is closer than the real estate or real estate sales as a surveyor or Qualified to act for real estate valuation. Often created but no extensive valuations be adjusted estimates of the market value. It is with a free property valuation including”. But the service demands of customers and potential customers are increasing.

An expert Office for real estate valuation or even the local expert Committee for land values to instruct the interest is usually low cost reasons, but it should be then already a numerically based appreciation of the condominium or the family home. Oral assessment based on formulations such as “due to my years of experience as a real estate broker” are certainly not wrong, but also no longer needed in many cases. And now, it is often difficult: How do I create a valuation for a property in a very short time, present the result of understandable and clear and work legally after the 1st July 2010 valid ImmoWertV? Already some time ago the company for real estate valuation of the challenge has adopted, to improve the quality of this service for brokers, architects and engineers. The current result is the 2.0 compact real estate valuation software K.IM after ImmoWertV, you can download a trial version on the Internet (online service). With the software for the real estate assessment, you can calculate the market value (market value) of real estate in a few minutes, and present this at the customer clearly calculated. The software dispenses with unnecessary ballast and concentrates on the essentials. An extensive help and documentation within the software is available with help and advice to the side, and we of course! Dr. Bjorn Haack, society for real estate valuation

Windows Are The Eyes Of The House

Monarchis has many good reasons for the installation of new Windows of Neu-Ulm that mbH acquires Monarchis Grundbesitz company headquartered in Neu-Ulm as real estate and financial services company also older, renovation-needy residential property with good buildings in whole Germany. The objects are restored when needed and rehabilitated in energetic terms. These include, for example, the installation of new heating systems, as well as the insulation of basement, roof and facade. These measures mean that the accommodation costs are reduced and the houses are gaining value. An important area of part of is also the renewal of the window. The Windows are the eyes of a House. For the residents, they reveal from the inside to the outside, ventilation and protect against cold, heat and noise. And from the outside? The window essentially determine the appearance of a House.

Allow partial insight into life-worlds. Credit: NYC Mayor-2011. They are also protection against possible intruders. The most important motivation to build a new window is Today, the saving of energy. Because saving energy means saving money. With new, insulated Energiesparfenstern energy can be saved compared with old Windows with simple glass up to 75 percent. Is the heating with fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas or coal fired, means the reduction in addition a very positive environmental effect of heating energy. Because also the emissions of climate-damaging CO2 emissions will be reduced with the reduction of energy consumption. A statistic says: If all energy renovation-needy window in Germany is immediately replaced by thermal insulated Windows, nearly 17 percent of the energy needs for space heating could be saved.

This would correspond to the avoidance of around 36 million tonnes of CO2 a year. It is also interesting how important that the refurbishment funded by soft loans from Windows at the request of the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW). New, thermally insulated Windows are naturally very dense. This means that the heating and air behavior must be adapted to the new circumstances. There are on the Web site of the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH corresponding information. The Monarchis tips about building and living are always a win. More information under: or

ImmobilenScout Estate

The map display at ImmobilienScout24 like best: real estate from satellite view, or detailed bird’s eye view can be displayed next to the winning card. Environment information can be like schools, subways or shopping center in addition to unhide the map. Immowelt rivaled in nothing, only lacking the correct localization of many objects and the pop-up window of the map is simply overlaid with advertising. Immonet offers no environment info at all. The winning card without Extras provider Immopool is also very modest. Listing prices compared offering all real estate exchanges also individual ads for private people discounted for brokers.

Immopool is 14.90 euros Award winner for advertisers on a monthly basis. See more detailed opinions by reading what Restaurateur offers on the topic.. The other portals you must spend between 19.90 and 29.95 euros (see table). However, the prices for ImmobilienScout24 and Immowelt apply only to rents. Sellers pay more in these market places 10-20 euro. As the most expensive provider, extended ImmobilenScout24 also the display automatically, if the advertisement is terminated in a timely manner. Easily advertise and Spice it up with all real estate markets real estate ads works at each of the test candidates. Immowelt offers even a TuV certified secure connection.

Except for Immopool, which only accepts payments through third-party providers such as PayPal and micro payment, you can pay from all other portals usually by direct debit or credit card when Immonet even by invoice. While one thing Immopool at advertising does not have the image upload, the contributors also PDF documents and videos, Immonet on top accept a 360-degree panorama. Who has the best service? Especially ImmobilienScout24 responds to written queries very quickly and in detail. The grade of service very good”(1.3) reached only Immonet. Immowelt reacts very quickly while in comparison, but lacking the incomplete content. Appears incomprehensible, why customers on the Internet get an expensive service number and Immowelt mail replies all of a sudden has a free hotline. Immopool is quickly reached, but the mails by the portal operator little professional and also incomplete. Immonet Immonet overall bottom line creates with a “very good” (1.3) the victory: the real estate market provides a structured online presence, various comfort functions, and a compelling service. The high price and the customer-unfriendly subscription policies prevent the point victory for ImmobilienScout24. The portal shares 2nd place with Immowelt, is clearly ahead at the website and service. Immopool is 2.3 last overall with the note. Despite the favorable price for short-term real estate listings, simply too many comfort functions missing closer to the top to close up. On tested was launched mid-2009 in life and has its headquarters in Hamburg. Tested by partner agencies about insurance, job boards, checking accounts, online pharmacies and shops to electricity suppliers: Everything is. The independent comparison portal creates with its cross-industry comparisons and evaluations remedy in the often opaque variety of the Internet. So consumers can one directly tested contact and express any test requests. On the other hand to customize the tests to the seasonal high points of the year.

Deposit-free Living, Save Rent,

With the deposit protection letter make no security deposit. offers you the lowest contribution to the market. Our annual fee is only 5.25% of the deposit to be paid. The minimum contribution is only 50 in the year. No joining fees, no membership fees, no hidden costs. Ingeniously simple simply ingenious. Compare, you will find a cheaper provider. Features: An application on a letter of deposit protection the tenant provides online instead of accumulating deposit.

After passing the credit test, which immediately appears on the screen, the lessee can submit the request for the letter of deposit protection. Shortly after he receives the guarantee certificate by mail and deposited them with the landlord as security. So the budget remains protected, because the letter will cost at the price performance winner each year just 5.25 per cent of the deposit. 500 euros rent and 1,500 euros deposit are 78,75 Euro a year – or 6.56 euros a month. The minimum contribution by 50 per year covers a Deposit up to 900 off. Should your deposit payable amount to more than 900, you can determine your exact year post with our deposit calculator. Strengths: The tenant remains liquid and he goes with the letter usually cheaper than with a possible rates of credit.

Also, personal credit limit does not affect how about with a guarantee by the Bank. In addition, the tenant is protected from a total loss of the deposit. offers significant cost savings with you as a tenant total a significant financial relief through the low yearly membership fee and landlords due to elimination of deposit protection. Weaknesses: The flat rate of are not re-invested. It serves as your deposit. There are more than 50 percent of the deposit after 10 years away. The deposit protection letter is no liability insurance. In case of damage initially pays the insurer the deposit on request to the landlord, the tenant’s money bring back but. Competitors: Competitors by are for example the Volksbanken and Euro deposit. Both sell also a deposit policy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with NY museums and gain more knowledge.. Euro deposit for example calculated 5.9 percent of the deposit, but at least 69 euros annually. The Volksbanken request to deposit amount staggered between four and ten percent. The German deposit cash calculated for their policy of AIG Europe 5 percent premium, as well as the first year $50 certificate fee and from the second year ten euro account maintenance fee. Comparison: who must charge his account due to the deposit, pays 11.85 percent interest so just 178 euro currently on average in the year. And if you choose a joint and several guarantee by the Bank for the deposit, with three percent guarantee Commission”count, so 45 Euro per year (plus handling charge). “Conclusion: the deposit flat of” is in comparison to the competitive price performance winner. No extra charges, no minimum term, anytime and even offers 14 days money-back guarantee. Also existing tenants can easily your deposit refund can be. But: lease protection letter are recommended only for tenants, which otherwise would have to borrow your bank to complete. offers you the lowest contribution to the market. Our annual fee is only 5.25% of the deposit to be paid. Minimum: 50 in the year. Compare, you will find a cheaper provider. M. Gold