Wooden Houses

Construction of wooden houses on reasonable and economic factors. Total cost of materials for the construction of a wooden cottage home is lower than for brick. Wooden Houses in Russia and are becoming very popular due to the exceptional properties of natural materials – wood. Country houses of wood under all processes take a fairly long period of time in its construction. Country houses acquire residential function. In the cozy suburban home can come at any time of year, relax.

Summer houses are rich in internal and external decoration, as offerings on the market for construction services for the finishing of wooden houses are many. Round logs, which is most popular in construction wooden country houses, can save on decorating the house because the house made of logs themselves look presentable at the expense of high quality lacquer coating of the carcass. What is log? Wooden houses – ideal for building holiday homes. Get all the facts and insights with NYC Marathon, another great source of information. Log buildings are easy to design – they can even build your own. House of logs, often made on the basis of the framework. Log cabin – it practical, cost-effective, but not always fast. If you are going to put on the site chopped wooden house, log cabin or for a bath you need to know some simple things. Building a log house is in second place in the overall System construction of wooden houses.

First run projects of wooden houses, log cabins are made then, and then comes the internal and external finish at home if it is needed. After production log delivered to the site and gather there on the spot. Houses made of logs are produced, mainly from pine, spruce, larch and cedar. Log buildings shall be constructed of tightly adjacent to each other logs to avoid future cracking. If you want your wooden house was not unlike any other, it requires individual projects of wooden houses. Wooden houses can be built and offered to you in the construction company, in which you decide to paying. Nice and unique projects of wooden houses can be found in the construction company "Kizhi". In addition to the wooden houses, are very relevant and still-frame, panel home. This type of homes, mostly used for building houses. Construction of cottages on a separate niche in the construction industry. During the construction of houses using technology frame construction. Prefab homes – one of the most promising technologies of low building town houses. The basis of the frame house is a wooden frame of planed lumber. Modern timber frame house can produced already finished with the inner or outer trim. Shield House, as well as the frame, composed of individual structures, which are subsequently assembled. Switchboard construction – this building from the plane elements, folding of the supporting frame with invigorating skin. Panel houses easy different layout and redevelopment. You can engage the general layout of the interior panel house, you can deliberately vary thermal conductivity and sound depending on your needs. Shield House, as well as wood, are low cost and environmental friendliness. To carry out all your building and architectural ideas to help Construction firm I "Kizhi". "Kizhi" was founded in 1996. Construction company 'Kizhi' was founded in 1996. "Kizhi" the architects and the construction of wooden houses, cottages, saunas. The company is building the winter wood and timber frame houses, cottages, summer cottages and saunas at home, both on individual projects, as well as offering standard designs of wooden houses and cottages.