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My name is Vladimir, the obsession with the Internet brought me to this forum adminstva why it is literary? Perhaps because it's interesting to me, perhaps it's most basic, the second – I myself have been writing and people interested in poetry, in the third – up to the author's song. All this is so interesting to me that I want to communicate with people who also care about poetry, and literature, and art song. Subforums be about music again, probably because Last time I was a musician and work. See more detailed opinions by reading what NY museums offers on the topic.. That's actually a few words about myself and about how I present this forum, all the above stated does not mean that your opinion (users) will not, on the contrary, I only for fresh ideas, I think that we have with you all out. I survived, a girl, I survived.

Then, the window I saw a girl, and I can see – there was a bottom. Not for long, girl, live in a little hectic. Who nakatana way they – not the same. Pretty girl, about the controversy, an arc eyebrow. Can not a girl, so soon to leave love. Not true, a girl, not exactly, over and over again Sometimes breaks where the firm – this is how we do. I grew up, my girl, I grew up.

Example of what fate chose for growth, now – in size. Tired Girl, I'm tired. And I'm tired. You're leafing through my long life – there is a void. It is not true, girl in the world, and you can endure. In the steppe, walks free wind, so that in the steppe. As a rider, girl, arm robbery with a horse. Will you be him, but without me? Goodbye, little girl, forgive and forgive. When cool cup of tea – it's time to go. All of this here forum-Lit

Samuel Clemens

The oldest son, Orion, soon began publishing a newspaper, and Sam began to make a contribution there as a journeyman printer and occasional writer of articles. Some of the liveliest and most controversial stories in the newspaper just came out of the pen his younger brother – usually when Orion was out of town. Clemens also traveled to St. Louis and New York. But the call of the , in the end, Clemens raised the career of a pilot boat. Profession, which, according to Clemens himself, he would deal with life, if not civil war put an end to the private shipping company in 1861.

Because Clemens was forced to find another job. After a brief acquaintance with the militia, Clemens in July 1861 years away from the war in the west. Then his brother, Orion offered a job as secretary of the governor of Nevada. Sam and Orion Two weeks went by coach to the prairies in the mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, where silver was mined. In the West experiences out West formed a U.S.

Twain as a writer and became the basis of his second book. In Nevada, hoping to get rich, Samuel Clemens became a miner and began to produce silver. He had long to live in camp with fellow prospectors – another mode of living he later described in the literature. Failing to become a successful prospector, he had to leave the mining of silver, and get to work in the newspaper Territorial Enterprise, also in Virginia.