Soami Rites

They say, say nothing at first. Not at all. Absolute darkness. All contracted to a critical state. There was a big bang. Began expansion of the universe.

In the galaxy of "Milky Way" in the solar system – the planet Earth. They say that first the earth was nothing. Absolutely. A moment later, somehow (?) As a result of the sparkle of lightning between the Ocean and Sky came proteins coacervates, waves, sea foam with them ashore. Rumor has it that they came out themselves, leaving footprints in the sand (?).

… kind of sort of, kind of species of dinosaurs and Crossopterygii to monkeys, from monkeys and so on … Even leaving aside the earliest manifestations of the symbolic Human activity on Earth – handprints on the walls of caves, discover that more than 30 000 years ago, Man was able to reproduce your image. … Every artist eventually poizvedenie stanovtsya document the era of its creation. Theatrical art has its origins in antiquity, to the primitive rites, totemic dances, the ritual copying habits of animals, to perform rites to the use of special costumes, masks, tattoos and body paint. Theatre. Theatre mastering the world through dramatic action, carried out by actors in front of the audience. Theater collective creativity. But in the beginning was the word. Basis Theatre – Drama. Centuries ago Soami wise monk in Kyoto, scattered 15 black and white rough diamonds sand. "Rock Garden", "Philosopher Garden," "Garden Reandze" … dozens of names and dozens of interpretations of nature, which has invested in its creation Soami.