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Growth and expansion for an exclusive architecture and of luxury ABIBOO Architecture, international study of Architecture and Design, bet by the growth of its human capital to continue with the development of projects of great scale in the south of India and to undertake the expansion towards other countries of Southeast Asia like Vietnam, due to the demand of new projects of existing innovating and exclusive architecture in these geographic areas. For it, ABIBOO Architecture extends their infrastructures in India establishing his soothes of Chennai, in the most exclusive area of the city. New offices, where the projects will centralize that are developing in India and those of Southeast Asia, are placed in a centric building of the economic and cultural heart of the old Madras, next to the most prestigious international companies of design, fashion and luxury. ABIBOO Architecture is led by Alfredo Muoz, founder of the company and Architect titled in Spain, as well as PhD in Architectonic design by the USA. To date Alfredo Muoz has given lectures and given classes in the University of Columbia, University of Pensilvania, European University, University of Would fish, the Real Technological Institute of Stockholm and Tongji University in Shanghai, among others. Previously to his bet like Architect/industralist, Alfredo Muoz has worked in Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan and the United States for architects of international reputation like Manager of great projects, director of international branches, associated and senior designer, managing equipment directly superiors to 50 people. At present, by means of the extension of his equipment in India and Spain, he will continue with the development of present projects of great scale, inner design, design of landscape from the fulfillment of his social commitment to combine art, sustainability and respect to the environment, sophistication and innovation in a contemporary and global architectonic space.

ABIBOO Architecture lays thus way great passages in the international architecture with an falsified, exclusive and technologically innovating design in different zones from the planet, developing an architecture able to respond to the challenges of the present society and a globalised world. By means of the creation of a multidisciplinary international equipment in their search of new models of added value, ABIBOO Architecture considers like objective in this new stage of expansion, to contribute to a new conception of the contemporary space product of a deep analysis of the geographic context, environmental and social in that it works, in combination with the ample experience on the European and American architecture in the development of projects. Also, by means of the innovation, the exclusive feature in served, the rigor and exhaustive quality control and with a customized dedication to each of its clients, with those who joint party much more that an architectonic project, ABIBOO Architecture guarantees the best result in all the architecture that it develops.