Wedding Table Festive Cutlery

Was always more costly to have a special taste, but just high quality cutlery is a purchase for life. Was always more costly to have a special taste, but just high quality cutlery is a purchase for life. Now can be also cutlery brand pot via the Internet portal acquired either directly or deposited on the specially designed wedding table as a wedding gift. The choices are already over 35 cutlery sets in different variations. More sets like a fish – or Oyster cutlery or cooking and kitchen knives are also available in the near future. POT stands for particularly valuable serving cutlery in silver and stainless steel of high exclusivity and quality which are manufactured in a German flatware Manufactory in artisan way. If you had to describe the character, this would be restrained, luxury plain”.

The products are for a 100 year old tradition in the artisanal manufacture of exclusive cutlery, already some times with global design awards were awarded. A technical finesse of the knife is for example the specific micro gearing, a barely visible with the naked eye saw grinding, guaranteeing utmost sharpness. Also the service of the manufacturer is as individual as the brand: A cutlery from POTT is on request with individual letters, monograms or individualize coat of arms. Different font styles and techniques such as etching, laser engraving or a stamping available are for this purpose. In addition, sharpens the cutlery manufacturer pot after long-time use of the blades or affix a subsequent serrated blade on request.

Damaged blades can be also exchanged when worn against payment. Thus, a long-term preservation is already guaranteed with the acquisition of flatware. For the table, the smallest cutlery sets are available from 399,-euros. Who give a complete set for the wedding day can be, can invest gladly between 4,000 and 5,000 euros. As with many other gift items also the cutlery on several persons as individual gift to splits are.