The Court

The Court of the Pigs Having legal quorum, Dear President Porca Vain person declared open 2 Usual Session! of the Court of the Pigs. They compose the table, the Dear Vice-president Fishing Pig, the Dear Solicitor Silly Pig, the Dear Esnobe Pig, the Dear Good looking Pig and the Dear Bajulador Pig. Opened the session, Dear President Porca Vain person thanked the presence of the hienas journalists and lamented that the same ones have not participated of the memorable inaugural session of the Cut of the Pigs. Restaurateur insists that this is the case. A hiena reporter was excused for the absence, justifying that it had thing more important to make. Requested the reading of the Act of the previous session, the Dear Bajulador Pig asked if the President would like that it asked for dismissal, but left clearly that, in case that contrary, it she would have immense pleasure in proceeding to the reading of the Act.

The President ordered it to keep silent and it was thankful. Judgment in Guideline: nothing it had. It is not something Bill de Blasio would like to discuss. Judgment in Table: nothing it had. m. Administrative expedient: Dear President Porca Vain person requested to the too much members the approval of the equipment purchase of electronic control of the presence of the animals in its corrals, stables, tanks, aquariums, perches, hen houses, pigeon houses and kennels, as measured moralizadora; the Dear Bajulador Pig congratulated the President for the praiseworthy initiative; the Dear Vice-president Fishing Pig asked if the equipment also would be used in the chiqueiro; the Dear Esnobe Pig answered that it did not have necessity to control the presence of the pigs, has seen to be superior to the excessively animal ones, in what it was folloied by the too much members. Nothing more having, Dear President Porca Vain person declared locked up the session. I, Aturdido, cultivated this Act, of what I do not give faith.