Party Bordparty

In it, and now live mainly descendants of the ancient Maltese birth. Here you will taste wonderful dishes, recipes that have long been passed down from generation to generation. Guided tours in Valletta – the capital of Malta, seaside village of artists and fishermen, to a blowing factory. Do not leave you indifferent and a trip to the island of Gozo. That holy place Pinu, where he prayed the Pope himself, the capital of Gozo – Victoria, Calypso's Cave, where According to the legend Calypso kept Odysseus, many caves And those who dream of visiting Italy may devote weekend trip to Sicily. On the sea before it is only 70 km. And this is only a fraction of what is rich in Malta.

You will want to come back here again! At least for a few weeks The other side of the moon on the evening of Malta begins a completely different life. Heat subsides, gradually filled the streets, cafes and restaurants. A huge number of restaurants on the waterfront and the narrow streets of cities you can choose the suitable one. Unfortunately, not all are preparing tasty. But the trial you are bound to find someone to want to come back again and again. If you like seafood, this is where you can taste them in abundance, in the most unusual dishes. Dinner costs an average of 15-20 euros per person. Leisure students to organize the school and the students themselves.

The most famous Club District Malta – Pachevill, where there are a variety of clubs and discos. All share one thing – free entry and low cost drinks. All night you can move around to different clubs. At 4 am in Pachevill on the street as much people, like the subway at rush hour. Very low crime rate makes it possible to feel calm and comfortable, even at night. The school arranges for students of various parties. Here you can meet other students, dance, play pool or darts. Then they all move together in a nightclub. Deserves special attention Party Bordparty, which takes place on board the ship. Disco ends at about six o'clock in the morning. Time to sleep there is very little. But do not worry, strong enough at all! Malta is enough hours of sleep for a wonderful feeling! Malta can talk about for a long time. But the words – it's just words. In order to understand what Malta is, it should be seeing! And at first sight in love with this island in the Mediterranean Sea! Malta awaits you!