United Nations

He is necessary first to leave itself to contaminate for the primary cause of the uncertainty to edescobrir exactly that the reason and the desrazo integrate any type of knowledge, that science insists on not leaving to infect for passages: mythical-magician-imaginary, that gifts in theories, concepts and methods always meet. The speech of the sustainable development Emborao speech of the support Organization of United Nations for debateros subjects of the environment and the development; in the reports of the Club deRoma. Sachs reformulated the ecodesenvolvimento notion, considering a estratgiamultidimensional giving alternative of a development that economic articulavapromoo, ambient preservation and social participation. Others who may share this opinion include Restaurateur. Seucompromisso with the rights and social inaqualities and aautonomia of the peoples and poor countries age of extreme importance. Sachs pointed ways to surpass the marginalizao and the polticacultural and technological dependence of the involved actors in the processes of social change the Commission of Brundtland, exactly supported for many ideas of Sachs, abolished deseu speech what the emancipador content could be an innovation doEcodesenvolvimento, arriving at a speech> over all the United States.

Second document, divulged for the BIRD in the day (10.05.06) during 14 sessoda Commission of United Nations on the sustainable development in New York Osprincipais polluting continues being the countries richest, in ranking dessacontribuio is the United States with 24% of the total and of the zone of euro, com10%. New York museums: the source for more info. This exactly report sample that the countries richest consume more dametade of the energy produced in the world. In the current days the temdemonstrado experience, for some evidences, that the agronegcio is a eficienteinstrumento of allocation of resources, but on the other hand a perverse manager dasdisparidades> social. To communicate the urgency sense that would have to inspire asmudanas in the direction of the desired support is task of all. Competeprincipalmente to the public power, that in the case of Brazil prioritizes the globalizaocompetitiva without the predominance of the cooperation and solidarity.

North America

(SECRETARIAT OF the Environment, 2001) SPECIAL GARBAGE is the garbage found in ports, road airports, terminals or railroad, constituted of septic residues, it can contain deriving pathogenic agents of a picture of endemic disease of another place. INDUSTRIAL GARBAGE is that one originated in the industrial activities, inside of the diverse existing productive branches. (SECRETARIAT OF the Environment, 2OO1) AGRICULTURAL GARBAGE is solid residues of the agricultural activities and the cattle one, as for seasoning example, packings and agrotxicos, agricultural defensive, ration and remaining portions of harvest. (SECRETARIAT OF the Environment, 2001) (2,4 selective Coleta and recycling the selective collection estimate the separation of the materials recycle as papers, glasses, plastic and metals of the remain of the garbage in its proper generating sources, they are residences, schools, offices or other types of establishments. These materials are collected the part in containers specific and directed for a recycling center. Later then, they pass for a selection finer than it in accordance with selects them the requirements of the purchasers.

Divided in the different categories, the prepared materials you recycle then are submitted to the cleanness and for the commercialization. (CEMPRE, 2001) The more clean and better conditioned, bigger it will be its price for sales. The resources proceeding from the sales of these sucatas are generally reverted in the proper sustentation of the system and in urban improvements for the community that in it participates. Although now the selective collection of the garbage only starts to be introduced in bigger scale in Brazil, it already it comes being adopted has much time for diverse countries of the Europe and North America. (CEMPRE, 2001) In some states of U.S.A., the separation of the materials you recycle in the residence already became a legal obligation. This is only justified in function of the multiple advantages that this system can provide in relation to the traditional ways of collection, treatment and destination it garbage.

Global Heating

That is, the government not teriagasto, the messengers would have formal and paid work with resultadode its production, and the nature would breathe alliviated. This would be excellent soluopara a conscientious exploitation, with little interference erealmente sustainable desa forest that are the verdadeiropulmo of the responsible Planet and one of the great ecological peloequilbrio to the World-wide level. The protection erecuperao of the Amaznia is one questode survival, of the species quel not only inhabits, but of all the species of the planet Land. Another suggestion to paraamenizar, or same, to brake the Global Heating would be incentivartambm one day of palntio of trees, where all osbrasileiros would be ' ' obrigados' ' to plant a tree. Sepreciso, this question could be object of Law. Let us say that only 10% (ten percent) of the Brazilians fulfilled this Law in the determined day, mesmoassim we would have the plantation of more than 18.000.000 (dezoitomilhes) of trees in only one day.

if this idiafosse taken the world-wide level, termos the plantation of maisde (a billion) of trees, tambmem 24 hours. Certainly this attitude would help to brighten up the mazelasnaturais that we walk facing. We have to have conscinciaque preoblemas ambient are guilt of all the humanity, without escesso, has seen that we develop in them without cares. Ese to ontinuarmos holding in them as if nothing was happening, embreve we will exceed the point of return and the problems return-if-oirremediveis. That all help in this fight depreservao of the nature, our lives and vidasdas future generations, if is that we want queelas realmetne exist. The acknowledgment is given. ' ' EmTerra of blind people, who has eye is king! ' ' Let us be all kings!