The Risk Of Investing In The Stock Exchange

Investing in the stock market is risky. There are also reviews, where they mention that buying and selling shares is a gamble. the fact is that there are people that have done a lot of money to the bag. But many more people, who have lost a lot of money. In studies, show that there is a common in people who lose in the bag. And the problem is that over 90% of people invest without knowing, without looking, without being prepared.

The funny thing is that nobody throws a deep pool without knowing how to swim, nobody’s going to guide a car without having learned to manage and no one ventured to open a business, if they know of it. But, many people invest without knowing the market trend, if the action is going to buy sale or purchase. They ignore many things and that’s why just make mistakes. – First, do not know how to pick a good broker and open an account with one because a person who does not know recommended it. – Second, make an opening … rather, make a purchase of an action, because heard on television, read in the newspaper or its specialist broker, said that action was on the rise. Generally the media, you report the things that are gone, they say you will never have an accident, you say there was an accident, say he will never be a robbery, you say there was a robbery in the case of actions, let you know when it rose. – And third, very few people know how to make their operations.

Those who make their own, expect to win on the rise … but opening and closing its operations at the time and inadequately, as a result … lost money. And those who commission operations specialists … the result is the same, … they do not care if the investor wins or loses, they, as they get their commission. Very few people, who by luck with these methods may have made money. He who can make their operations, you know, you can make money when the market is going up or when in descent. You know it’s stock options … and other types of operations. And of course, is good at his fundamental analysis and technical analysis.