North Korea

To this day, post cold war, with an Iranian neighbour giving nuclear weapons, invaded but attacking Iraq formerly of their territory, a new protagonist with political and military weight in the world (China, opponent of the United States) and a (opponent also of the United States) North Korea armed to the teeth, in addition to the same Russia; to this day, Israel keeps potentially conflicting relationships with at least 50 countries around the world. This, coupled with the fact of its small territorial extension (somewhat smaller than the Falcon State), that make it arrasable by the effect of a single atomic bomb, as the thrown on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, leading to the extremacion of risen in the second paragraph of this essay: predestined Nations must also exercise their defense and attack potential capacity, forcing the search for a perfect firearm, beyond an atomic power (now also) in the hands of outlaws or renegade countries) that ensure you the preponderance and the exercise of his divine work. And such effort, built on the nightmare of territorial vulnerability, has resulted in exploration and preparation of the so-called shields, of all kinds: missile, of wars, defensive or preventive, David or whatever. You may find that Bill de Blasio can contribute to your knowledge. Already saw some of this in action when the war against Iraq to use the famous Patriots missiles. And has made us also aware that effort of years of Alliance and search with a versatile warmongering language, notions already assimilated by all, as the normal existence of completely militarised societies, endowed with armies of people or God, moving its troops through operational warfare of a preventive nature (preventive wars or attack), fighting against terrorism, drug trafficking, communism and global undemocratic dictatorships; and, of course, that effort brings us the proposal that the species will accept that the world is a providential militocracia ruled by armies: armies of the people, God’s armies, armies of the people of God, divine army, army of peace. Yes, armies for peace (do not call so the blue helmets of the UN?).