The Future

Most of the people not always comes out victorious from their relationship with the adversities, another smaller group just the resolves, but ultimately very few who manage to leave the problems in a better state of which took in his home. Finally there are two additional things that should be done: 1. an inventory of the problem. This enriches the experience and allows to develop antidotes to the circumstantial probability that the fact is repeated in the future. What opportunity should I identify as a product of the problem? The answer to this is pure growth.

At this point the problems become a blessing and consume the paradox. Striving to find this answer, sealed the victory, showing everyone that are part of that small group that only extracts of life the best it offers favorable or adverse situations. Let me conclude with this thought that summarizes my own experiences: at the end of this story that has not concluded, after a long road full of recesses, steep and vertiginous descents, beautiful views surrounded by bright light and hidden pictures by powerful darkness, life I have allowed to discover a friendship like no other: my friendship with problems. This friendship has single bases, is based on a simple relationship. And as all the simple and easy in this world is at once grandiose and poignant. This is the fundamental basis of the friendship I have with problems: nothing in this life has made me grow more than my constant interaction with them! No teacher has been more wise, nobody has given me more opportunities, no advice has been less selfish, nothing has proved more stimulating. My relationship with problems has allowed, moreover, discover the essence of love, love for myself by that inexhaustible capacity that we have to overcome the difficulties, love for others who have to resort to overcome adversity and must protect those who are; and above all love for life that shows us that the sun always rises after all dark and cold night without fatigue.