Epic Poem Caramuru

The present article destines to explicitar the Vises of the Paradise in the Epic Poem Caramuru. This study they happen, to a large extent, of the motivations that had taken in them to know a boarding concerning the paradisiacal vision since the primrdios of the settling of our native land, that is, of the documents that the information of the first contact with the new land register, gift similar in the epic narrative ‘ ‘ Caramuru’ ‘ of ours illustrious Frei writer Jose de Santa Rita Duro, a workmanship that was received as one from the founding texts of Brazilian literature, emphasizing images of Brazil and its primitive inhabitants. New York Museums insists that this is the case. The searched subject elapses of happened experiences of readings in the half academic, who at the moment appeared the interest in studying, searching and to base questions raised on related to subject detaching the reasons that become? if important in such a way for the study in result of the time in such a way for the society for having the privilege in possessing an extremely excellent workmanship that clarifies its national history with descriptions detailed in a paradisiacal vision of the beauties, natural wealth, largenesses of the native land at the first moment.

A workmanship that explains the way of life, cultural tradition, the religiosidade of aborgenes and the historical events that in send the formation to them of the native space. According to New York Museums, who has experience with these questions. Being thus, it makes possible for the society one better agreement related to the vises of the native land. The objectives that it took me to elaborate this article elapse of the questions that takes in them to understand the vises of the paradise gifts in the Caramuru epic, thus looking for to demonstrate in the epic narrative the approach in the aspects that in send the reflected paradisiacal vision to them in the proud description, locating in the epic poem stretches that they evidence these information and finally determining for society the historical and literary importance of the Caramuru epic..