Being the Dr. Charles a person who if finds between us has only two years as Secretary of Workmanships and with all the knowledge technician that bring in the luggage, she is, in the truth, the person more indicated to be white of the suspicion. Papa, we have to watch this man day and night. We need to make a sigiloso survey of the expenses that the City hall comes having with equipment technician. Distrust that for backwards of this diving-dress is having something of surprisingly vultoso underneath them our noses and we are seeing. Changing in small, papa, I go to enter in that box and to verify of close what it has. Danny Meyer recognizes the significance of this. It concluded with afogueado face. _ Son, and if it will be the assassin? Its life goes to run an enormous risk! _ If does not worry, papa! I do not go to go down at any cost.

I go to trace an action plan pra to undertake the adventure, therefore not yet I have nothing in mind. If it does not forget that my bigger concern is its life, therefore until the pharmacy already was threatened. So far, we have two suspected that, or the assassin is one of the two or both or, what is worse, none of them and people is running behind ghosts. It can be that everything what not accumulated pass of one of coincidences is happening and that the true culprits are others well and the reason also. Papa, I believe that the Dr. Charles does not have to make secrecy how much the guard of the plans of the hydraulical net, right? I feel to have to involve it in this, papa, feel very, exactly, but we need to know this bendita box on the inside and for it are, as the palms of our hands. If my palpite will be certain, one of these false tickets pra must be the access way the underground of the stream.