Vacationing in New York

Without a doubt New York is one of the destinations most incredible of the world. Into each station of the year Manhattan if it transforms into a film scene. To appreciate the beauties of the Central Park in the winter, spring, summer and autumn they are magical and indescritveis experiences. Manhattan is an Island bathed for the River Hudson to the side west and River East of the side east. It is the tourist and economic center of New York. Manhattan is divided in the East Side, the West Side, Uptown and Downtown. It is very easy of if moving in Manhattan.

The avenues of north for the south start with 1st Avenue and extending itself for the west until 12th Avenue. Already of east for west it starts with 1st Street and going until 20th Street. Many taxis in NY exist but great part of the island can be made the foot for who likes a good one walked. The trains of the Amtrak arrive all of the country in the station Penn Station. Place where you can catch a train for Boston or Wasshington for example. New York has a very rich gastronomia and without a doubt it shelters some of the best restaurants of the world. All type of food you it finds in the streets. Since Tailandesa food, Mexican, Chinese, American, Italian, all type of restaurant. Dog and kebabs also exist excellent foods of street as hot. For this and other tips of trip have access: