The Seriousness

It completed the order saying: First the bread, professor, later books! That ached in my soul But clearly that I go to help it! I go to also continue loaning my books, therefore of bread the man not only lives! Three fallacies. We hear to say: ' ' The quality of education is bad because the professors are despreparados' ' or ' ' Someone does not learn because he is not inteligente' ' ' ' The poor persons do not enrich because not if esforam' '. How nothing! The fools only believe this! ' ' It will be that the unpreparedness of the professor is really the cause of low the quality of education? It will be that as much low the quality of education how much the unpreparedness of the professor does not depend on one efficient educational politics? ' ' She is necessary to think on this! ' ' In a similar way, the cause of the poor children not to learn is not, properly, the lack of intelligence and, yes, the malnutrition and the proper pertaining to school, inadequate system to the children of the classrooms desprivilegiadas' '. E, let us agree, ' ' the real cause of the poor persons and the villains not to enrich are its social conditions, that they hinder to them to promote socialmente' '. The poverty, the hesitation, the distrust of some face to the education announces a new time. The fights between Old and the New also occur inside of each one.

It has many old with new thoughts and many young with old thoughts! still has disposal of some professors, although the difficulties. The hope still persists, although everything and of all. Hope of that the old worker and the young reader read its pamphlets and texts. understands. It is not for that the professor and the writer exist? They exist to see the seriousness of both? of the old one and the new? when reading and arguing the text of the pamphlet.

Economic Crisis

In the life the economic crisis can affect our behavior, but they are the small actions, those simplest ones than they touch our heart and they go stimulating, encouraging and giving felt to the life. We could ask of where we can have this force seno of a sincere friendship that we cultivate in the life? . ‘ is mentioned well in the book; ‘ The Small Prncipe’ ‘ of Antoine de Saint-Exupry, that in 1943 it knew to write expressing the value of the friendship. In this book it is rank that the culture of a solid friendship if becomes the essence of the life: ‘ ‘ who is only seen well sees with the heart. The essential one is invisible for olhos’ ‘. Run-it runs in it daily, in the search of our bread of each day, we finish in forgetting what it livens up in them and it fortifies in them; in this direction, the true friendship is a light for our world that it searchs of wild living of isolated form and certain form, this type of conduction of the existence, to move away to us from great pleasures of the life, exactly for losing or leaving of side values as of the friendship. The true friend is that one in glad and sad hours e, as he affirms ‘ ‘ Small Prncipe’ ‘ , ‘ it does not import the amount of time that if pass with the friend, matters is the pleasure to be together and to usufruct of that moment. Check out Danny Meyer for additional information. In this context, one becomes difficult to express values of a sincere friendship, therefore when we are with the true friend the time does not pass, it flies.

But we can risk in writing that a friendship with value is when it has sincerity, authenticity, loyalty and other virtues that make in them to grow and in our existence.E as it is important to be able to observe that we can count on true and great friends. Let us not forget that of this land nothing it is taken; in it they are only the good that we plant and God if it cheers when we sow the good and we obtain to develop good workmanships and, qui one of these our workmanships are the friendships that we plant we cultivate. If the life is a great school is necessary to learn with urgency that the friendship is a great treasure that must be cultivated while we are fulfilling our mission in this world. That the parents can learn that the biggest value that must transmitted to its children he is of the friendship. That the couples understand that a solid friendship is the esteio of one happy marriage. At last, let us live looking ‘ ‘ brindar’ ‘ always the friendship as the great friend who can lead the humanity route to the true happiness.

The History Of The Zeca Singer Street-vendor

Zeca Baleiro or Jose Ribamar Rabbit Saints, its full name, was born in the city of So Lus of the Maranho, in 11 of April of 1966. Beyond singer, he is also a talentoso composer and musician. Its music is derived from the mixture of some rhythms as samba, pagode, rock, electronic music, among others. The career of Zeca started soon with compositions of tracks for infantile parts of theater, being distinguished for its letters. Click Bill de Blasio to learn more. Zeca was changed for the city of So Paulo, where it distributed for a time one room with Chico singer Cesar.

Its first record was recorded in 1997, when already it made about 12 years of career. However, what he really gave impulse so that the singer if projected in the market of Brazilian music was its participation in the Acoustic MTV the GAL Coast with music ‘ ‘ The Flower of the Pele’ ‘. Beyond this partnership, throughout its career also it worked with many famous singers as Chico Cesar, Rita Ribeiro, Lobo, the Magical Theater, Arnaldo Antunes, Z Geraldo, Paulinho Moska, Lenine, Fagner, Zeca Pagodinho and Z Ramalho. Its first record, launched in 1997, if called ‘ ‘ For Where He will walk Stephen Fry? ‘ ‘. In 1999, it worked with ‘ ‘ V Imbol’ ‘ , that ‘ contained music; ‘ V Imbol’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Samba of the Approch’ ‘ several other successes. Intitled ‘ ‘ Lricas’ ‘ , the 2000 album, possua among others songs, a version of ‘ ‘ Forbidden to Pra Me (Grazon) ‘ ‘. Considered for many its better record, ‘ ‘ PetShopMundoCo’ ‘ , of 2002 it also counted on diverse you would seem as the Elba Ramalho, Arnaldo Baptist and others.

In 2003, the maranhense launched ‘ ‘ Raymond Fagner and Zeca Baleiro’ ‘ , followed for the albums ‘ ‘ Ballads of Asphalt and Other Blues’ ‘ of 2005 and ‘ ‘ Ballads of Asphalt and Other Blues To the Vivo’ ‘ , of 2006. The album ‘ ‘ The Heart of the Bomba’ Man; ‘ , of the year of 2008, it gained two volumes and a version to the 2009 living creature. one year later, in 2010 worked with the COMPACT DISC ‘ ‘ Concerto’ ‘. Talentoso, Zeca Street-vendor sample that it knows as to mix some rhythms Brazilian regional trends in one only career. If to want to know more regarding the career of the singer, have access the site of letters of musics and see the excellent letters of the Zeca Street-vendor.

GrandLifeNYC York

The famous hotels Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand of New York had launched the program GrandLife Rewards recently, a program of allegiance for new guests whom it aims at to premiar customers fidiciary offices in a bigger level two times that its previous program. NYC Marathon spoke with conviction. Now, the participants receive colon for each dollar expense. The established program points is divided in three levels, Zinc, Bronze and Black Card Holders. To commemorate the program, these famous hotels of New York are offering to bonification points the participants of each level, being that the biggest bonification is equivalent to a courtesy stay. The points also can be used in services of would hotelaria or products as transport of the airport, laudering the dry one, services of spa, one iPod or new iPad 2 of Apple. All the participants of the GrandLife Rewards receive benefits exclusive, including 10% of discounting in daily of rooms, personalization of aposentos, check in and check out express with priority and service of arrumao at night.

With services to customer 24 hours and rooms with one design spotless, the Soho Grand and the Tribeca Grand offer the comfort of a hotel of luxury with the experience of an authentic style of life of the center of New York, beyond access the famous galleries of art, boutiques, bars and restaurants. It is the minutes of all the main attractions of Manhattan, including the Statue of the Freedom, Ground Zero, Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Central Park, beyond the adjacent quarters to the famous center of New York, as SoHo, West Village, Meat-Packing District, Financial District, Chinatown, and Little Italy. It is clearly, to appreciate the wonders that New York have to offer are still more easy with the new program of allegiance of the hotels. It knows more and it makes reserves visiting: On the GrandLife Hotels the Soho Grand Hotel and the Tribeca Grand Hotel are pioneering originals of the hotels of the center of New York, having been the first ones to introduce a hoteleira experience of luxurious style of life in the center of Manhattan. Since its inauguration, the hotels support and promote fashion, cinema, art, music and design not only in its famous locality, but in the whole world, through the international mark of style of GrandLifeNYC life. The Grands hotels had appeared as classic modern, offering spotless service to a refined clientele, rooms of luxury, impressive decoration and nocturnal life, restaurants and flaring entertainment..

Vacationing in New York

Without a doubt New York is one of the destinations most incredible of the world. Into each station of the year Manhattan if it transforms into a film scene. To appreciate the beauties of the Central Park in the winter, spring, summer and autumn they are magical and indescritveis experiences. Manhattan is an Island bathed for the River Hudson to the side west and River East of the side east. It is the tourist and economic center of New York. Manhattan is divided in the East Side, the West Side, Uptown and Downtown. It is very easy of if moving in Manhattan.

The avenues of north for the south start with 1st Avenue and extending itself for the west until 12th Avenue. Already of east for west it starts with 1st Street and going until 20th Street. Many taxis in NY exist but great part of the island can be made the foot for who likes a good one walked. The trains of the Amtrak arrive all of the country in the station Penn Station. Place where you can catch a train for Boston or Wasshington for example. New York has a very rich gastronomia and without a doubt it shelters some of the best restaurants of the world. All type of food you it finds in the streets. Since Tailandesa food, Mexican, Chinese, American, Italian, all type of restaurant. Dog and kebabs also exist excellent foods of street as hot. For this and other tips of trip have access: