United States

Almdisso, has a bigger interaction between the pvos, including between the Chinese and osmuulmanos. The conflicting questions between oOcidente and the challenger pass for human weapons, rights and democracy. Osdois last the end of the Cold War had gained prominence after world-wide. Huntington defines the types of conflitoexistentes and detaches of breaking line. These conflicts occur different entrecivilizaes, as the hypothesis of conflict between the Occidental person and Chinesa, or inside of one same State, frequently between Muslen eno-Muslen. Sudan is detached as pasfendido, a term used because of the two great groups in conflict: osmuulmanos in the north and the Christians in the south. This relation complicated between asreligies happens because of its natures: monotestas, dualistas, universalistas and missionaries.

When analyzing the Wars of Line deFratura, the author affirms that rare they arrive at a solution and has appears to apartir of disagreements between clans or tribes. The groups would combatentesestariam in a primary level (termologiautilizada for Huntington), having in the secondary level aosprimeiros on States e, in a last level, distant States however still with bows with involved osoutros. In the case of Sudan, we could place the United States aolado of the Christians and China in support to the Muslim government. The States of outercirio secondary level have the paper to intervine and to negotiate, without if involving directly, searching to prevent the war. However, these conflicts, as already said, hardly arrive at the end, due proximidade of the groups, different religions and cultures, among others. Asituao if aggravates when it is about one country of Civilization without State-nucleus, as in the case of Sudan. It has periods of truce and paztemporria, the normally had the exhaustion of involved or same porinterveno of the superior levels. International organisms do not have foranessas situations, therefore they do not have as to please the two sides. One more time the Sudoaparece, being a case rare where the peace was negotiated through the ONU and of ONGs.