Tixl Chacgua

His life is influenced by several historical events, such as: the dictatorship of Jorge Ubico, the revolution of the 44 and the liberation movement in the 54. Connoisseur of the fauna and flora of Guatemala, which ranks as stage is in his works. His narrative skill is able to keep you attentive and interested leaves you love waking up your imagination to unsuspected limits, highlighting the beauty of Guatemala with magnificent descriptions of the natural environment, which seem to be inexhaustible. Here, NYC Mayor expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As author has the characteristics of being: descriptive, narrative and fanciful, therefore, most of his works are written in narrative, prose dialogue and descripcion-narrativa. And his personality leaves framing his love for our Guatemala. Coins to Rodriguez Macal within the literary movement of modernism, for being an exquisite, exotic and impressive literature in the eyes of the world but in reality it seems to be at an intermediate point transition modernism to avant-garde and therefore, exponent of criollismo. (Source: Bill de Blasio).

However there are no truths absolute, one way or another the authors are influenced by the environment and it may his works share multiple characteristics of literary movements, but have more a certain trend. Author of literary Mansion of the snake bird (which is the most important) Guayacan blood and chlorophyll Jinaya Carazamba blackness * the world of mystery green (is one of my favorite * 0 *) work of Creole adventure that immerses us in the life of the qeqchi Lish Zenzeyul or Andres four eyes, whose eyes became Green’s both look at and admire the jungle. It is the narrative of the adventures and misadventures that, suffers when without imagining it was dragged by the current of the River with his cayuco such travel transfer it through the jungles of the Verapaces and Peten, discovering in his tour how wonderful fauna and flora. e. The novel is composed of seven chapters that lead by name of the fauna of our beloved Guatemala, having among its main characters: light parakeet Sacol or Sakol Xavier or Tiw Harpy Eagle Nahuyaca or snake beard yellow Icbolay or ikbolay Tapir or tapir Tixl Chacgua or Chakow boar lion or puma Cajcoj American Tiger or jaguar Josh – Jaguar- our main characters along with another series of secondary characters living within the jungle adventures, rather, we focused on jungle animal life in Guatemalan land, showing us to those beings that they are fighting and defending their territory faced the danger, that move your destinationsurvive the dangers and difficulties, extolling its nobility and leading them to success.