Thermo Mail

However what will begin to narrate the following are a number of harmful coincidences that aggravate the problem of demonstrating exceedingly, as by the owner in a negative way to start acting it brought as a consequence the birth or attraction of these new drawbacks: 1st negative match: when the tenant tells me already uncontrollable loss of Thermo and therefore already had no hot water, send you a mail to the owner telling what happened (this form was the natural way with which I communicated with her, since although it was cell phone, by the type of work that had I could not see you). I already had informed me a bunch of times of This way, but or new chance, for the first time the mail does not reach you. Therefore two days passed, and seeing that I do not get reply insist by phone until I finally communicate. From there the owner before a fait accompli moves fast and the Morrow already had purchased a thermos in his city (Bs. as.) so it was delivered in my city (Mar del Plata) through a branch of the House of appliances. Anticipating everything this and couple be faster I told the owner that through the same company shall authorize the contracted plumber remove the thermos (here had again to ask for another budget previously). The next day, once the owner informed me that the branch already possessed the order of delivery of Thermo, warned the plumber what will happen to remove it, even with the name of the employee who had made the sale in Bs.

As. 2Nd negative matching: but to the surprise of the plumber order still not had been communicated. In the House of appliances They said that communication was done by mail immediately, however it would take to arrive two days such communication, and even without specifying the name of the plumber who had it to withdraw.