The New Tariffs Of Telecom

The new tariff structure at the pink giant may change many things at the telephone and Internet rates of Deutsche Telekom. Pure phone tariffs (single play), the rates for telephony and DSL (double play), as well as tariffs, providing Additionally to television via the DSL line (triple play), are there basically Yes. In particular the names of the fares change in terms of single play. The previous base rate call plus is called call will start. Standard connection renames the old tariff of T-Net.

The previous tariff Calltime then is call basic and the flat-rate tariff XXL fulltime then call comfort. The local flat tariff XXL local is completely eliminated. The ISDN connection is generally in renamed universal connection. The double play retains the old name area, but some fare components vary. The basic rate of call & surf start receives in the future a DSL 2000 line instead of the 1000 line so far. The rate of call & surf Basic (with surf flat) will be reduced in price, it dropped the previously contained free minutes phone however.

At the top rates call & surf comfort, as well as call & surf comfort plus nothing essential changes. In the triple play, the changes to section already in April effectively. The previous base rate entertain Basic is completely eliminated. Some benefits of the previous peak tariff entertain comfort plus such additional premium or two Bundesliga matches per game day shall become the new top rate entertain premium. The entertain comfort plus reduces it in the price. Applies to all changes, that existing contracts of the changes are not automatically affected. Eckart Haase