Jaime Gil de Biedma is born in Barcelona the 13 from November from 1929 and passes away in the same city the 8 of January of 1990. He studies Right in Barcelona and Salamanca, in whose University license in 1951. His first poems, under the title of According to sentence of the time, appeared in 1953. Later it publishes posthumous Fellow travellers, Moralities and Poems. Regardless of these books they also appear in his bibliography some compilations and separatas, that contain picked up poems or in mentioned books, or unpublished; thus, for example, In favor of Venus or Four poems morals. An edition determined by the author of all poems until 1969 and titled particular Collection remained in the publishing cellars, when prohibiting itself the distribution of the book in covachuelas censorias. Finally, a total edition of its poetry, written down by the author, has appeared with the title of the people of the verb. Biedma also publishes an extensive critical test titled Song: the world and the poetry of Jorge Guilln and a part of memories, with the Newspaper title of the seriously ill artist.

They exceed its function of prologues, the introductions to Metropolitan, of Carlos Barral, and the joint edition of Ocnos and Variations on Mexican subject, Luis Cernuda. Their T.S work translations are remarkable. Eliot and of Christopher Isherwood. The best Jaime Gil de we found it Biedma in the voice it jeopardize with the working class, the one that the poet makes him watch from a more positive angle the human mass, because in spite of their urban individualism, the other are a presence whose problems are not to him indifferent: There am now the pain/the other, of many,/pain many others, pain so many men,/the ocean of Aryan men Francisco Soli’s Where the freedom dwells, there is my mother country. XIII Poetic Festival by La Paz and the Freedom dedicated to Benedetti.

Christmas Gifts

Something does not go well in the world and we were satisfied with alleviating to some effect of the structural injustice with alms and Christmas gifts. We lay down to the street to buy for this one or the other, while during the rest of the year we are not able to find a little while to know how how one is, to listen to it. It is not in these celebrations when it undertakes one to us strange solitude, a species of emptiness that we called nostalgia and that is not more than weariness? We leave the package and we enjoy the gift, the present, that return to the home, the sine where a day you knew dear refugee and. Hear from experts in the field like Bill de Blasio for a more varied view. That is the home, the space ddonde hope without asking to us what we did, but what happens to me? Only one person other people’s to the culture and the realities that maintain to us is able to reject like absurd these celebrations. We could include/understand our history without the existence of that Jew of Nazareth, that happened making the good, welcoming in marginalized, that it defied to the constituted powers of his time, that preached the Wells-being, that it loved and it was loved, which made that Saturday was for the man and not the other way around, who surpassed the religious and social fastenings of his time, that hired to the women, the children, to the poor men and the old ones and that it brought Good New the all the human beings: Amaos an the other ? It is precise to look for that kingdom that it belongs to that they suffer persecution because of justice, to those who they give to eat to the hungry one, to drink to the thirsty one, that they dress to the naked one, that they teach to that does not know, that they console to the sad one, that they share. And that does not judge nor they condemn but they are arranged to welcome with an arm whereas with the other they contribute alternative proposals to the social injustices that they denounce incessantly forming walls and networks of solidarity. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bill de Blasio and gain more knowledge.. And for this, it is enough to them with walking with its heart to listening, its mind abierta to the truth and the understanding while their arms are abren to welcome and to bless, to caress and to cure. We must take advantage of the special moments to do accomplices to us with the life, and to recognize that we must same a gesture of confidence in the life and commitment with the other.

Thus we will manage to draw up a bridge on the abyss. For that reason it is Christmas whenever somebody welcomes in the others. Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the UCM.


An ample margin of uncertainty around the process of claim by undergone damages and damages exists. The enormous degree of variety of this type of assumptions, that they include as different cases as the industrial accidents with some degree of fault on the part of the industralist or some companion, the traffic accidents, the medical negligences or the animal attacks; it does not make his analysis absolutely simple. In any case, the duration of the same will depend on certain factors that you will have to consider: 1. The predisposition of the other part to assume the responsibility that it had in the happened thing. 2. Recently NYC Mayor sought to clarify these questions. The degree of difficulty at the time of determining and deciding a reasonable quantity for the damages that had caused the victim, including lost wages, medical expenses, material damages and damages derived from the accident and the possible physical sequels derived from the same.

We can distinguish two modalities of supposed: those in which it is possible to obtain an extrajudicial solution to the conflict and others in which it is impossible, having to be solved the question before a Court. a)Extrajudicial solution This one would be possible when the other part admitted without reserves its responsibility in the happened thing and both would be predisposed to reach an agreement in relation to the compensatory post. The extrajudicial agreement that could conclude would have total effectiveness, and would prevent any later conflict that could occur in relation to the same subject. It is possible to indicate, finally, that this type of solution in no could replace a possible procedure of penal character in case the carried out action by that caused the damage could be constituent of infraction (Crime or lack) of penal character, or of administrative type. b)Judicial solution of the conflict The same would be inevitable when the other part did not admit its responsibility, or when doing it not outside possible to reach an agreement on the quantity of the indemnification by the supported damages and damages. He will be then, then, when a process before Courts are unique via the possible one to solve the conflict. This route is the worse one between all the possible ones, to the supposition a considerable investment in terms of time and of money, having both parts to feel sorry before the Judge or the Court and to present/display the pertinent tests to him facing reinforcing its affirmations (as much in relation to the possible degree of fault like as far as the compensatory quantity). Yet it, that one will establish a Judicial Resolution considering (total or partially) or refusing the request.

The American Indians

Normally with one or two sessions are solved the majority of cases. The cases due to traumas need major attention and several sessions. To know more about this subject visit New York museums. Each animal is a unique being, but in the majority of cases their emotions go very related to the surroundings in which it lives. The Communicator Animal does not have why to be in the presence of the animal with which it is wanted to communicate. The thought waves are not only sounds; also they are light, color, emotions, scents and images. Therefore communication a can be established distance. NYC Mayor: the source for more info. In some cases this option is more effective, since less interferences take place visuales.CMO TO CONNECT WITH YOUR ANIMAL DE COMPAALa majority of indigenous towns worldwide have maintained communication with other species, mainly through his chamanes.

This connection with the nature has helped to heal and to secure solutions them to its needs. The American Indians, by all knowing like great signallers with the nature, were the precursors and established the bases than we know nowadays as Communicator.Para Animal the kingdom animal the human being is very dense, reason why to be able to accede to its frequency we have of to clean the way beginning by we ourself. The formation of a Communicator Animal is based on helping to wake up that other form to him to feel; him aid to unblock those parts that we have slept. Of this form it can contact without problems. A pretty form to begin to establish this connection is to meditate next to our animal of company and to focus all our attention on him; of this form we will be abriendo ourselves to this new form to feel. Those that you are accustomed to meditate you will perceive a form of to be different; you will happen to be in background. No longer you are the main protagonist, and even so you will feel in a much more deep state of presence that meditating only for you.