Christmas Gifts

Something does not go well in the world and we were satisfied with alleviating to some effect of the structural injustice with alms and Christmas gifts. We lay down to the street to buy for this one or the other, while during the rest of the year we are not able to find a little while to know how how one is, to listen to it. It is not in these celebrations when it undertakes one to us strange solitude, a species of emptiness that we called nostalgia and that is not more than weariness? We leave the package and we enjoy the gift, the present, that return to the home, the sine where a day you knew dear refugee and. Hear from experts in the field like Bill de Blasio for a more varied view. That is the home, the space ddonde hope without asking to us what we did, but what happens to me? Only one person other people’s to the culture and the realities that maintain to us is able to reject like absurd these celebrations. We could include/understand our history without the existence of that Jew of Nazareth, that happened making the good, welcoming in marginalized, that it defied to the constituted powers of his time, that preached the Wells-being, that it loved and it was loved, which made that Saturday was for the man and not the other way around, who surpassed the religious and social fastenings of his time, that hired to the women, the children, to the poor men and the old ones and that it brought Good New the all the human beings: Amaos an the other ? It is precise to look for that kingdom that it belongs to that they suffer persecution because of justice, to those who they give to eat to the hungry one, to drink to the thirsty one, that they dress to the naked one, that they teach to that does not know, that they console to the sad one, that they share. And that does not judge nor they condemn but they are arranged to welcome with an arm whereas with the other they contribute alternative proposals to the social injustices that they denounce incessantly forming walls and networks of solidarity. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bill de Blasio and gain more knowledge.. And for this, it is enough to them with walking with its heart to listening, its mind abierta to the truth and the understanding while their arms are abren to welcome and to bless, to caress and to cure. We must take advantage of the special moments to do accomplices to us with the life, and to recognize that we must same a gesture of confidence in the life and commitment with the other.

Thus we will manage to draw up a bridge on the abyss. Wendi murdoch oftentimes addresses this issue. For that reason it is Christmas whenever somebody welcomes in the others. Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the UCM.

Reflection Love & Other Herbs

What is what differentiates a friend for a lover? Not much, with friends share things, we laugh together, disfrutamosde life next to each other. One of the differences that I find is that with the lover there is a more profound demonstration of love that feels, friends we also love them, but not shown as well (usually). I don’t know ustedespero I speak of true lovers, those who are like friends, but on another level, at least another way of affection demostrarese we have.Well, it should be noted that not everything that we love it we can have on our side, capable a friend with which we fight and nopodemos share things before, an impossible love which you must forget but as a hard head that we are not the queremoshacer, someone who unfortunately is not present, or able to someone that we love him in secret but we want that to be happy.Now is when we start to think, we have friends, we share everything, we have a lover? If the answer is Yes, you’re getting to think if you share so many things, you privas? you aren’t it know then, are failing, do not trust that the other person loves you so sos? It is like a friend or friend, nor going to paste, it is obvious, a friend he respects him, care. NY Museums has much experience in this field. You’d have to act like, only that with location time/space, isn’t it?, although you’ll feel happier to feel a kind of different love to the friendship, wanting to express it in another way, wanting to feel and do / to feel, discover new things, or things with more intensity, perhaps with which one is accustomed.Grey, an enemy of love. Wants to return things to the State more monotone, do all custom, which is from dulling and passion is lost over time, that becomes something distant, that spark is is about to run out, if that it is not completely shut down.The fear, the greatest enemy of love. .