The film counts the history of Simon Birch, a boy considers for the doctors to the rising as a miracle and that it would not have much time of life, if this came to happen would be really a miracle. Simon was the lesser baby to be born in that city. An attraction in the maternity became, for being considered by all as an abnormal baby. Simon was son of a couple that to probably waited with desire and anxiety it. To astonishment of the parents, it comes to the world in an unusual way, through one I sneeze of its mother.

It had cardiac problems, of hearing, vision, in the endcrino system, beyond physical problems. How the parents had reacted after to have its dreams frustrated with the birth of Simon? The rejection was to the way more easy that they had found to coexist ‘ ‘ milagre’ ‘. Therefore not they had known as to react, since they lived inside of this society that she appraises what she is normal or not normal, through what is visible. It found that he was a hero, therefore said an envoy of God and that he had a mission. Its life lived all being ‘ ‘ ridicularizado’ ‘ for all of the city, mainly the children. But, this did not bother it, Age a very intelligent person, what it became really it different of the inhabitants of the city. To be itself or not normal is a dangerous classification with which frequently we come across in them in our society.