Planned Reforms

Before making any reform in our House we must devise a plan of action. One of these of these preparations is the draw a plane. To draw on a scale we will do it in three steps. First we make a schematic drawing of the environments we are going to reform. Then go room by room and measure the walls, starting with the door and following in the clockwise direction to not forget any.

Once we have the measures already defined we can draw the drawing scale. We only have to define the scale and draw the plane following the measures that we had previously taken. Already made the drawing of what you want to achieve there is trace the plan of action. We need to define exactly what we will do, see materials and tools are going to need and buy everything. There are few things that annoy more than found in half of the work and do not have one of the tools that we need. Or be raising a wall and run out of bricks.

If our reform is more simple, for example change place furniture and painting no longer so secret. You just have to remember that we need to paint move all the furniture to the center of the room, and then cover the floors with an insulating material. Also remember that to paint surface must be clean and dry, without grease and dust. A way of defining the location of the furniture is with the same plane which was explained above. This plane are added mobile figures made to scale of furniture that will be the room. Then we can go playing with the location of different furniture without having to be redrawing everything each time.