Health Clinics

The logic here is simple – why pay cash medical institution, if the same amount (or less) can be given right doctor. But when it is forgotten that in this method of payment of any contract for such services will not be. And accordingly, if there is a medical error or effect of treatment does not happen, a claim to a medical center and can be no question. The third myth Simply go to the right doctor personally agree with him on the admission and pay him the same. Long queues at clinics – this is one of the reasons that people began to refuse services to free medicine. It is believed that he had agreed with the doctor personally and promised to pay him, we can arrive at the reception at a convenient time and not to stand in line.

When using legitimate ways to pay for services, the queues can also be avoided. In the majority of paid health clinics patients come in strictly designated time and get to a doctor without delay. The only inconvenience that may arise – in the right physician may not always be free time, when you need a patient. Of course, signing up in advance, this problem will not arise. At the same time, if the patient has a medical insurance policy, it only need contact with the dispatcher to call the insurance company and a suitable time to visit. The advantage of lca here is that the insurance company may send its client is not in the same clinic, and in any of those with whom her contract. Myth Four When buying a policy lca treatment will most expensive.

When you pay over the counter patient pays only for those services which he rendered. In the case of lca, a lump sum payment may seem large, especially if the client to clinics rarely. At the same time when emergencies – unexpected illness, injury, surgery – Payment in cash may well exceed the amount of the policy lca. At the same time with health insurance groups, when fears of a large number of people, voluntary medical insurance will provide discounts and the cost of health insurance policy will not be too high. Myth Five Search doctor always has the necessary skills yourself. In case of payment in your pocket or over the counter, doctors really have to look for himself or on the advice of friends. In the case when you have a policy lca – medical experts insurance company will pick you a qualified doctor and you just go to the doctor. Yes, everyone will decide for itself how it to pay for medical services, but common sense tells us that all the same: the board in his pocket – is the worst choice. In this case, the patient loses the ability to protect their rights and to claim the clinic. In the best position to be the policy holder lca. The insurance company will pick for his client qualified physician, will provide an appointment at a convenient time for the customer and will understand if there are problems between patients and healthcare providers.