Person Search Over Three Countries Successfully Completed!

Mother of our client after 30 years found in Texas. Armed with nothing more than a name and a date of birth”a young woman visited our office in Hamburg, Germany in November 2007, and wanted that we were looking for her mother. The young woman nearly 30 years old was released shortly after the birth of the birth mother for adoption and had until now, learn through their own research, name and date of birth of the mother. It was longer but by the young woman not to get out. Our detectives have made timely on the investigations, which are designed but relatively difficult because quickly it became clear that the birth mother of our client already in the 1980s over Spain in the United States emigrated and changed their family name several times by at least two failed marriages and gave up German citizenship. Through our offices in Barcelona and New York, we succeeded yet, in four months of work to locate the current residence of the mother living now in Wichita Falls, Texas, and also some pictures of the to get this mother, whose husband and their two children from this marriage. Our client would like to contact the mother first in writing even now in the near future and asked us not to do so. We hope we have something on the subject of family reunification”contribute.