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Because the data of the speedometer are stored in many different storage devices: for example, in the gears. Danny Meyer does not necessarily agree. Service and fault memory, in the injector control unit and in the Lichtkontrollmodul.Ohne that are help of a technically talented experts with hardware knowledge who can take apart the built-up parts of soldering this necessary can reset the mileage correction not readily.No matter whether it is an analog or digital speedometer. Analog speedometer will give it even people, that not even detailed information can make to the definition of the “speedometer”. Bloody technology lay people, which no term are the instruments inside their vehicle. It is actually quite simple: A speedometer consists of three components: A speed display for the maximum speed of a vehicle to reach a speed meter to display the Umdrehungender tyres in conditions #ngigkeit from acceleration.

An odometer, once the distance of the vehicle (important when several overall Displays the previous owners) and the conversion to individual route route. An analog tachometer of the speedometer from two disks with numeral (once speed indicator + u of eionmal tachometer) and jeweiles of a mobile needle. Digital speedometer, a digital speedometer is compulsory for new registrations from 3.5 t and buses since May 2006. The speedometer setting with a digital speedometer is different to analogue: speed of goat and Rev counter are displayed on a digital display two smart card reader and a built-in printer to create memory logs contains a real-time clock and controls the speedometer calibration data stored for 365 days. Then they are replaced. So far, the digital tacho primarily in trucks in use, driving and rest periods is better im looking to have. Contact:?Easter agency GbR sinner tree road 2 66538 Neunkirchen telephone: 01805 22 00 55 Paul Oster we lead on almost all analog and digital speedometer speedometer setting, speedometer calibration, speedometer repair and TV unlock through.