‘QEES Green Living’ – Z-Wave based solution enables transparent energy measurement Copenhagen Z-Wave Alliance, November 02, 2010 – QEES with its new smart metering solution on the search works hidden energy consumers in homes, offices and hotels. The Green Living series consists of three key components: the QEES SmartGate, an open software platform, as well as the interoperable metering devices. QEES relies for wireless communication in the home control area on the tried and tested Z-Wave wireless standard ( QEES recently presented the green living series under high attention on the metering Europe trade fair in Vienna. The product line on the market will be available early 2011. The SmartGate forms the basis of the solution. This all-in one gateway”can replace conventional Internet router in most households, since it combines a powerful NAT router, firewall, and telephone gateway in one device.

In addition, SmartGate provides interfaces to modern energy management and home Control solutions. As the gateway to easily can be with for example Ethernet, Wi-Fi, connect Z-Wave or Bluetooth networks, which combines all devices (E.g. mobile phones, touch screens etc.) to a control network. So that the end user will enable the, to use intelligent home automation, this energy consumption in the House, to reduce the Office etc. and also functions such as energy management, to benefit from enhanced comfort and safety. Using the QEES open-software platform, which acts as a central server solution, can users install the complete smart home network including all individual devices and configure. In this way, E.g.

heating systems, air conditioning systems, can be controlled energy-efficient lighting units or safety devices. To save energy, the system shuts down completely, for example, devices that otherwise remain in stand by mode. In addition, the system informs the consumer about the current energy consumption and allows him the devices anywhere remote to control, for example, via a mobile phone.

Espiritista Period House

The great contribution of Mesmer was to call the attention for definitive phenomena cure, before legacies to the ocultistas boardings, and to try to give a clothes &#039 to they; ' cientfica' ' .c) Espiritista Period (of 1847 1872): The Espiritismo grew as religion after a series of events that suggested an intense life after the death. The fact that detonated the great espiritista wave occurred in 1847 in the small city of Hydesville, State of New Iorque, in U.S.A. A protestant shepherd, John Fox, with the wife and two children, had changed themselves for a house of that city, whose local he was had as ' ' assombrado' '. Inexplicable strokes occurred in the walls of the house. The children of the shepherd had passed if to amuse with the phenomenon and, finally, they had established a code: certain number of strokes corresponded the definitive letter of the alphabet and, thus, successively, in a biunivocal correspondence. It was established, then, a communication with the presumption spirit. After some messages, ' ' esprito' ' it declared that he had been assassinated and embedded in the subsoil of the house. The North American government sent two expeditions of hollowing: the first nothing it found e, times later, one second found a skeleton to the side of a folder that contained personal documents of a certainty Charles Rossnan.O case of the Fox sisters detonated a series of others with similar characteristics.

In 1857, French professor Denizard Rivail wrote its celebrity ' ' Book of the Espritos' '. This book, according to Rivail, is ' ' ditado' ' for espritos. Itself exactly it attributed the name of Allan Kardec, name this eternalized by the history of the Espiritismo.Cientistas of the time were divided in relation to the cause of the phenomena. Many believed the Espiritismo and until they searched a form of Science ' ' reconhecer' ' the espiritista world.

European First

It is of it that they break the first signals of complicity with the subjects ' ' futuristas' ' of the youngsters who prepared the Week, when pointing with respect to the newness of some poems touched for the strong rhythm of the taxis and the jazz-band, fox-trot and the telephones and evaluating in a frankly unknown tone the violet light of the artificial stars that redescobriam the geography of the city under the delirium of the electric light. Of the set of these impressions its European sources are born the first attempts to bind to the call So Paulo futurismo, what that height served not only to open the way of the news, as well as to establish a first critical measure that would start to function as a species of aesthetic reference to the modernistas intentions to breach with the processes, the subjects and the proper limits of the workmanship literary. They are in this in case that the comments on the adhesion of some modernistas poets to the magnifying of the meter to the way of Paul Fort and Apollinaire, whose verses Sergio are the first one to compare with the ones of Mario, Oswald and Guillermo de Almeida. By the way, he is of Sergio that one that is perhaps the first one informs concerning the modernistas of So Paulo. A ticket left published in the Fon-Fon magazine of 10 December 1921e brought the epigraph of Goethe that anticipated the racket of the Municipal theatre the two months to happen. In the body of the note the call for the differences that if had radicalized in the Paulicia between that Sergio Buarque called beletristas and its futuristas adversaries, these last, according to it next ones to Tristan Tzara that of Marinetti, ready to unchain what it foresaw as ' ' a movement of release of the old preconceptions and the conventions without value, only in Brazil and America Lalina' ' .

The Secretariat

All this context generates a unhealthy city, with serious problems of sewer, water, draining, garbage and pollution of its hdricos resources, where, pressured for the disordered growth, it creates poor bolses without minimum conditions of hygiene and habitability. The health of the population also is engaged, mainly in the sectors most devoid, where illnesses are caused by the basic infrastructure lack. This picture, added the inefficacious politics of sanitation, generated the necessity of the establishment of one politics of ambient sanitation. The Secretariat of Sanitation In 2001, in the management of then mayor Joo Pablo de Lima and Silva, was created the Secretariat of Sanitation of the City of Recife, with the mission to assume the role of the municipality in being collected the sewers of each house, until the end of squares where they empty in the public net. This system was implanted in diverse Brazilian cities and also in some countries of Latin America.

sanitation, retaking the planning of the actions, with one politics of estruturadora and sustainable sanitation. For this end they had been necessary quarrels organized with the diverse actors of the society, searching that common objective. With this line of thought the Secretariat carried through 1 Municipal Conference of Sanitation of the City of Recife, in 2002. The Conference had as main line of direction to create a public act of control and management of the sanitation sector, being promoted meetings with some segments of the civil society, entities of education, private initiative and public managers, beyond elect commission agents for the population. We cite some deliberations to follow: To create the Municipal Autarchy of Sanitation; To promote educative actions and campaigns; To guarantee the title of the services of sanitation in the city; To promote management shared between Compesa and city; To create the Deep one of Municipal theatre of Sanitation; To assume the Integrated Sanitation as intervention model; To establish the municipal politics of sanitation conducted for the principles of the universality (access for all), completeness (contemplating all the necessary actions of sanitation) and fairness (quality services), with participation and social control.

Enjoy A Drive Along The North Coast Of France

In the northeast of the historic region of Normandy we find the small coastal town of Berck. During one week in April is being held in Berck-Sur-Mer the largest kite festival in Europe that brings together fans from China, Australia, America and Europe. The entrance to the festival is free so no excuse to miss the amazing spectacle of the flight of these wonderful kites. Viewers of this event underscores that the most striking are the designs of the kites which they participate, they deal with subjects as varied as flying fish, imaginary monsters, and more. The most surprising thing is that these designs are hand and imagination of their owners.

If you are interested in attending the festival has to know that it is relatively easy to Berck-Sur-Mer. The nearest train station is Filiers du Rang (line-Calais Paris Nord), but if you fancy a more independent travel car rental allows you to move at their own pace. But Berck-Sur-Mer is not the only attractiveness of the French north coast, in April the weather will have improved significantly in this area as a road trip along the coast beginning in Berck and across Normandy is a decent option to consider. (Source: NY Museums). In this trip you will find countless things to see and tour areas important in the history of France. If you want to avoid renting at the airport, is usually a good choice. Having experienced the shocking images and sounds created by Europe’s largest festival of kites in Berck, the first stop on his journey along the coast should be the historic port of Dieppe. Gain insight and clarity with Francisco D’Agostino.

Famous for its scallop, the first historical record we have of Dieppe is a fishing agreement signed in 1030. Years later, the port was the subject of violent disputes during the Hundred Years War. The city also would witness another bloody battle during the Second World War, the confrontation known as the Dieppe, where the Allies suffered heavy casualties. The entire north coast is rich in history and find the car constantly stopping to enjoy all the wonderful things that have to see. Depending on the time it takes to see Berck, you can reach Le Havre in time to attend the end of the Feria de Rouen, which ends on 13 April. We leave it to the end of the road the real jewel of this trip and one of the main attractions of the north of France, Omaha Beach. This area was one of the main landing points for the Allied invasion of occupied France in 1944 and remains one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and history buffs. Experience the colorful pictures and history of the north coast of France thanks to car hire in the next bridge that you decide to travel abroad.

Elimination Manufacturing

Since Henry Ford invented the mounting and Assembly chain, industrial innovators focused on constant improvement through a variety in the implementation of different manufacturing strategies. Lean Manufacturing is a strategy of manufacturing that seeks to produce and generate a high level of performance with a minimum of inventory. A Japanese methodology known as the Toyota production system, very similar to Lean Manufacturing, designed by Sakichi Toyoda, originally focused on manufacturing centers around the placement of small stocks of inventory at strategic locations around the Assembly line, rather than implement centralized warehouses. These small reserves are known as Kanban and the use of the same significantly reduces waste and increases productivity in the factory also optimized the different market and distribution networks. In addition to the Elimination of waste, efficiency in manufacturing aims to provide optimum quality through construction of a method by which each part is inspected immediately after manufacture, and if there is a defect, the production line is stopped so that the problem can be detected in the shortest possible time. Lean manufacturing method, as it is also known to Lean Manufacturing, has much in common with the strategy of management of Total quality (a kind of quality Control). Both strategies empower workers on the Assembly line and in the belief that the production operators have greater knowledge of how the system of production in the should work.

In a Lean Manufacturing system, providers deliver small lots on a daily basis, and the machines should not necessarily operate at full capacity. One of the main focuses of lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste, i.e. anything that does not add value to the final product will be eliminated. In this sense, large inventories are seen as a type of waste which carries with it a high cost. One of the main foundations of this strategy is to train workers and make production decisions at the lowest possible level. In addition, factors offer a large measure of chain of Lean Manufacturing management and close collaboration with suppliers in this aspect is needed, what facilitates the rapid flow of product and parts to the plant. Lean Manufacturing strategies can save millions of dollars to large companies or SMEs and produce excellent results. Advantages include lower production times, reducing times of preparation, lower spending of teams, and of course, the increase in profits. With this concept is given to the manufacturers a competitive advantage by reducing costs and increasing quality, also allows the manufacturer more responsive to the demands of customers.


Leaves mother and stepmother contain bitter glycosides (up 2.63%), sitosterol, gallic, malic and tartaric acids, saponins, carotenoids (5.18%), ascorbic acid (5 mg%), inulin and dextrin. Coltsfoot – one of the most popular means of traditional medicine has a long history of use. In Ukraine and Belarus, coltsfoot taken up by traditional medicine a few centuries ago. It is used for teas and infusions and drunk mostly lung disease and respiratory tract, as well as scrofula, as an opportunity to clean pillows on the equipment for cleaning pads. Fresh juice mother and stepmother treated pulmonary tuberculosis.

In modern medicine coltsfoot is used as an expectorant and to improve breathing. Mother and stepmother – a good honey plant. It is particularly important that the bloom is one of the first spring plants and gives the first nectar bees. Raw materials must be consist of well-dried green leaves, odorless, taste slightly bitter with a sense of the mucosa. Shimmie Horn follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The finished material is acceptable content,% moisture content – less than 13; brownish leaves – 6; infected with rust – 3, chopped parts that pass through a sieve with holes of 3 mm – 2; organic impurities (parts of other plants) and mineral (earth, sand, etc.) – 2. Raw materials are packed in bags of 20 or in bundles of 50 kg.

Need cleaning pads. Dandelion drug. Perennial herb, all parts contain latex. Taproot fleshy, 20-60 cm long and 1-2 cm in diameter. All leaves collected at rosette. In the spring dandelion green one starts of the first. It flowers in May – June, flowers yellow. Key blanks are held in the steppe regions of Ukraine: in Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, Kiev, Cherkassy, Poltava, Sumy and Kharkiv regions. Estimated reserves of raw materials estimated here at 50-60 m. The possible roots of harvesting capacity in the Perm region is estimated at 1 ton of air-dry raw material. Harvest the roots of the dandelion in the late autumn, during the restoration in stages of decay of its leaves. The roots are washed in Cold water and air provyalivayut several days, until one no longer stand out a milky juice. Then the dried roots, spreading a thin layer of tissue paper or the attic with good ventilation or under eaves. Can be dried in ovens or dryers at 40-500C. The yield of dry raw materials 33-35%.

Marcolino Shepherd Oak

(2005 the 2008) 33Marcones Librio de S (Current). With the Republic also the creed freedom if made to even feel in the hinterland. The Periodical of the Evangelizador, of 1945, of the account of the death of the Marcolino Shepherd Oak, operating in the northeast region, Sousa in the Paraba, Cear and Pernambuco with performance in Willow, Saint Maria and Cut Serra, being the recognition of the work of this shepherd, one proves of that the monopoly of religion catholic in the region had finished. (To see news article of the Periodical? The Evangelista? of 1945, in annex). Also the actions of social inclusion of remaining quilombolos of the escravagista period signal for the visible participation of blacks and mestizos in the process of rescue of the identity and citizenship.

Currently, Willow possesss the following Districts: the Headquarters, Conceio of the Creoles, Ones, Vasques and Pau Iron. The origin of the town of Conceio of the Creoles was given, second is counted, beginning of century XIX, when six free blacks had arrived at the region had leased a 3 area of lguas (1 lgua = 6 km) in square. (website of the City, 2009). With the production and wiring of the cotton that vendiam in the city of Flowers, had obtained to pay the income and had gained the right to the ownership of lands. In 1802, the Creoles had received the writing with the stamp from the Tower, sixteen stamps, made for Thin Jose, notary of the notary’s office of Flowers. This history is counted in the most diverse small farms, binding identity of the community of Conceio of the Creoles to the descent of its founders, who through the work had taken the initiative to legitimize the land, before exactly of the men who had also come here. One of them of name Francisco Jose, run away from the war, Lady of the Conceio brought obtains an image of Ours.

Social Island

' One has filmed fantstico&#039 simply; ' if thus I could describe it in only one simple phrase. He possesss a rich construction of related concepts the images and a compatible sonorous track with script. The author works with a language of easy agreement and such way that the public is not imprisoned only in the images, musicalidade and/or content. The director works with a complex combination of elements capable to reach the public contemplating all the components of the sensorial system that a human organism possesss, in a creative way. Island of the Flowers is a film where we imagine to exist a full island of flowers, however, by means of a metaphor, the author shows a different reality. The central idea of the text represented for the personages Mr.

Susuki, Mr. Manuel and Dona Anete shows the social reality and as the economy generates different relations between the individuals. The shortness is rich in descriptions based in scientific knowledge and at some moments it works with conflicting elements. Amongst them I detach, when the author differs the man of the other animals for its capacity of reasoning, fact to possess one telencfalo highly developed and an opposing thumb. However, as the man can, this rational animal (in the context Island of the Flowers) to be more ' ' desvalorizado' ' in our society that a mammal, quadruped, that possesss a snout, a tail and unprovided of one telencfalo highly developed and an opposing thumb? This question possesss narrow relation with the economic system, in which we are inserted, that it contributes for the social inaqualities. Being the human beings valued in its category for the social classroom and the goods that it possesss. Island of made to the Flowers to remember me Manuel Flag: Vi yesterday an animal In the imundice of the Catando patio food enters the dentritos When it found some thing, it did not examine nor smelled: Engolia with voracity. The animal was not the dog was not a cat, was not a rat the animal, my God, was a man.


The tradition of decorating your home with flowers, originated in ancient times, remained in the XXI century. Plants in a modern house – not just a piece of nature, not only floral sculptures and compositions of artificial flowers, and full interior element, found in furniture, textiles, architectural design of all styles, from exquisite Japanese minimalism to the nostalgic imitations of Gothic or Victorian era, from country music and plenty of ethnic interiors to austere Scandinavian simplicity. For example, the interior of the house in Art Nouveau style involves the following ornamental motif: flowers lilies, iris, poppy, lotus, made in special marsh, deciduous, shortcake coloring. Style “poetry of the Silver Age” overshadows ornamental decor Art Nouveau: Art Nouveau in all interior elements related to the whole plastic curves seem natural, not man made. In the interior colors in the style of Art Nouveau predominate colors that exist in nature, and drawings – geometric shapes that form the natural images.

Particular preference is given to circle. “The symbol of the sun” can be found in the interior design in Art Nouveau style more often than other figures, he alternated with fancy weave floral pattern and curves of female figures with flowing flowing hair. Ethnic interiors – a kingdom of flowers, ornamental branches, exotic plants, bamboo panels and shutters, wicker, rattan and reed beds, chairs and carpets, in a word, grotesque design jungle, more than the average Europeans unaccustomed. In order not to shock the visitors impulsive rhythm, for example, afrodizayna enough colorful exotic accent, which enliven the picture interior, and give it the original “sound”.

Orchids Group

Plants, but the flowers, miniature trees and hanging wreaths ampelnye, for a full life need attention and care. Timely and proper makeup with minerals and fertilizers, careful watering, even when we were leaving the city, and of course a very important ambient temperature and light sources. One of the most favorite indoor plants that need care usobogo are orchids. Let’s look comfortable temperature for different types of orchids. One of the pillars of growth and flowering orchids indoors is the ambient temperature.

Any indoor plants are very demanding temperature regime, this parameter orchids can be divided into three groups. The first group we include orchids, which are especially dependent on temperature. NY Restaurateur is often quoted on this topic. Includes – phalaenopsis orchid, some ontsidiumov and orchids maksillyarii, ludizii and this kind of variegated color as shoes. Recently Francisco D’Agostino sought to clarify these questions. The second group we include plants that can be and feel comfortable in a wide range of environmental temperature. The temperature for the plants of this group is in the range 12 – 15 degrees Celsius, but for plants of a given range of temperature may have a higher value.

For this group comprises most of the room Orchids – lelii, ontsidiumy, Katla, and others. The third group comprises plants that are the most demanding to room temperature. Plants require not only low winter temperatures, but also a lower night temperature in summer. For example in winter the ambient temperature should be between 4-6 degrees, and nighttime summer temperatures in the range 10-12 degrees. If you do not comply with the specified temperature, then some types of orchids tselogin, lelii, Lycaste, virtually all of Cymbidium and miltoniopsisy not please her blossoming as a last resort, and normal growth. The contents of the latter group of orchids in the rooms, equipped with central heating, require large attention, in gratitude for which nearly all orchids delight us with her beautiful and special flowers.

International Association

“He is exactly right, with his keen sense of cooperative teams and strategic development potentials continue to secure a leading position as an international meeting specialist Dolce hotels and resorts.” Steven A. Rudnitsky: Rudnitsky could increase sustainably at Wyndham Hotel performance and also after the slump in the hotel market by 9/11 he expanded successfully the portfolio in the United States and internationally. He initiated one of the largest customer loyalty programs in the travel industry, acquired four brands and signed numerous international management contracts and joint venture agreements. Previously he was responsible for various Fortune 500 companies”, including power, a progressive turn arround with strong business growth. At PepsiCo. He worked for many years in the domestic and foreign marketing.

In addition to his economic career, Rudnitsky was also different national and international clubs and Committee in the hotel and hospitality industry before. For more information, see in a video by Andy Dolce and Steven A. Rudnitsky Dolce hotels and resorts: Dolce hotels and resorts specialize in a particular niche of the hotel business: meetings and events. 23 individual destinations in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and the Benelux countries offer an inspiring environment for productive exchange of ideas. The Hotel Group emphasizes rapid accessibility, natural locations, State-of-the-art technology, a dedicated service through its consistent orientation on the needs of business customers for nearly three decades its quality leadership in the Conference sector.

Dolce also discerning individual travelers addresses with creative gourmet cuisine, many wellness, sports and recreational activities. The portfolio includes hotels and resorts such as Dolce Bad Nauheim near the international banking centre in Frankfurt am Main, Dolce Chantilly in the historic surroundings of Paris, Dolce Fregate Provence, Dolce La Hulpe Brussels, Dolce Sitges, on the Costa del Garraf near Barcelona or the Dolce Hayes mansion in San Jose (California/United States). Also manages the Group Conference Center as the BallhausForum near Munich, the IBM Palisades Center in Palisades, New York, or the American Airlines training & Conference Center in Fort Worth, Texas. All the high standards of the International Association of conference centers (IACC) and are recommended by organizations such as AAA, Mobil, the Guide MICHELIN 2008 and meeting professionals international. in 1981, Chairman Andy Dolce founded the company at the company’s headquarters Montvale, New Jersey. The European headquarters is located in Argenteuil, near Paris. Since 2007 is the Dolce group with around 4,000 employees in the majority-owned by Broadreach capital partners.

Europe Industry

Chairman) and Richard Malley (Treasurer). Dirk Hulsermann could win a top-class expert of the industry as founding President. Hulsermann worked in various management positions in large multinational companies (such as Kyocera, Mitsui Europe), and has established itself as a specialist of advertising & media industry. Against this background the international en media company neo advertising, succeeded to win it in 2008 as Director of business development. This function Hulsermann promotes the rapid growth of the Swiss neo media group and the company in his quest, focuses on the leading global provider in the segment digital signage to be in: Hulsermann: today marks an important date in the young history of the digital out-of-home industry in Europe. The market for digital outdoor advertising in Western Europe is growing rapidly, by an average 32 per cent (CAGR) annually. Thus the Nettowerbeumsatz with digital outdoor advertising will quadruple by 2012 EUR 158 million (2007) to 626 6 million in 2012.

An industry that such a great future ahead of it, now with the OVAB Europe receives the proper representation of the entire industry. I am very proud that we won such major companies of the digital out-of-home industry for the establishment of the Association. I am grateful for the outstanding trust which fills me with enormous pride-which have elected me the founding members as founding President. I’ll meet like this task on behalf of the digital out-of-home industry with enthusiasm and commitment.” Further information is available at about Ronni Guggenheim: Ronni Guggenheim clothed in the OVAB Europe the position of Deputy Chairman. In his role as President at minicom Europe, the leading manufacturer of last mile solutions for digital signage, Guggenheim has accompanied the out-of-home market from its beginnings and actively shaped. Guggenheim has extensive contacts within the European out-of-home industry and this is for the bring pan-European communication at the Association level.

About Richard Malley: Richard Malley was last employed as a Managing Director at YOC AG in Berlin. He was responsible since its inception for the strategic development of the company and for the national and international distribution. He previously worked at CIAO.COM AG in Munich in the area of international business development/sales. After graduating from the BA international business / marketing in New York and Brussels he worked first at Kynast AG in New York and then at the Emmerson Communications AG in Frankfurt/Main. Richard Malley is responsible for the flatmedia for sales and strategic business development.


You may ask that I would like this post holder in environment this manner. the place to learn all about how to make the most of your energy supplier is to consult Well if that is green energy the reality. If you get away from the big parks / wind gardens with lots of solar electricity megawatts installed, and any other major industrial deck, other buildings in this country hardly exist.

Deregulation From these pages buying green we have always maintained that the goodness of solar ESCOs photovoltaics is that your generation can sustainable energy resources be running water located on-site consumption, New York energy that New York State is generated at low voltage and a few meters from where it is generated is consumed in low voltage, thus saving in processing and sun and organic matter transport. energy, electricity and gas are all available through use the infrastucture of your existing utility company, and still be able to enjoy the service and savings.

American Arbitration Association

Formulas for resolving the conflict if, despite the preventive measures outlined, a conflict arises, it is recommended to carry out the following measures: 1.-go to a body of international mediation. It is submit the resolution of the dispute to the decision of a third party neutral, independent and specialized in the matter. 85% Of the questions that are submitted to conciliation or mediation are resolved successfully. This method is characterized by its speed and flexibility, as well as because it can be assumed a lower economic cost than other routes. It requires that the parties submit voluntarily and their decisions are not binding. There are multiple mediation agencies. The majority of international arbitration organizations also have a mediation service.

For certain matters there are specialized agencies for industrial property matters, which should be emphasized the role of the service ( WIPO mediation. 2. International arbitration. In the event is unable to resolve the question through conciliation is recommended submission to arbitration. As conciliation, a method it is faster and more flexible than the ordinary jurisdiction. Its members generally have greater specialization and experience in matters of international trade.

Unlike the decision of the mediator, the arbitral award has the same effects as the judicial resolution, although judicial intervention is required for its execution. However, even his execution can sometimes raise more advantages than a judgment rendered by ordinary courts, since there are more countries that have ratified the main conventions for the recognition and enforcement of arbitral decisions (June 10, 1958 New York Convention and the Geneva Convention of 21 April 1961) that those who have signed agreements for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

The main international arbitral tribunals are the International Court of the Chamber of international trade, the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes, the American Arbitration Association, the London Court of International Arbitration and in Spain the Arbitration Court of Madrid and Barcelona. 3. In the absence of agreement between the parties to refer the matter to arbitration and on the assumption that is a matter that is not provided for in the contract, remains the alternative of going to the ordinary courts. In principle, the most interesting forum is that of the domicile of the counter party or where it has sites assets, in order to facilitate the execution of the sentence. It has however previously attend existing norms on international law in order to verify that the Court that are interested can be competent. Conclusion as formulas to prevent disputes we recommend the elaboration of a full agreement that contemplate possible contingencies of the commercial transaction and the assurance of using it guarantees or insurance policies. In that contract, it is advisable to include a clause of submission to a specific body of mediation commercial and secondarily to an International Arbitral Tribunal. Also the rules applicable to this operation and possible dispute resolution must be regulated. Regardless of the above is recommended to try to ensure the implementation of a future award or judgment through the adoption of interim measures if these were possible in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutierrez

On April 18, 1997 The Group has formally changed its name for the Civil Society Bank ABSA SA on January 8, 1998, the Group once again changed its name to Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores SA After This year, Grupo Aval introduces Electronic Banking service is desired, which is integrated with other Group entities, Banco de Bogot , Banco de Occidente, Banco Popular and Banco AV Villas. This innovation means customers who previously used their other channels of financial services for transactions in real-time Internet or at any of the offices of the group banks, or through ATMs.The greatest achievement of the group happens in 1999 when Grupo Aval out the stock market in the newly created Stock Exchange Colombia (The Colombian Stock Market) for the first time in company history. And it is there where the Panel makes a massive supply to the common public participation in the group, with 1,200,774,970 shares in the common market after stock between November 1 and December 31, 1999. To December 31, 1999, Aval 40.042 owned by shareholders. The end result of the IPO was the sale of 312,062,341 common shares on the stock market by 2.58 percent of its total shares, with a valuation of 58,190,135,296 Colombian peso.In 2000, a proposal is made for the appearance of the shares of Grupo Aval in the listing of the New York Stock Exchange but later were postponed, due to bad weather in the Wall Street business in emerging economies found in the time. In 2007, Luis Carlos Sarmiento continues as manager of the group companies, aided by his son Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutierrez, who will assume control of their time on the business of the conglomerate.

Industrial Design

INDEED reports three new additions for the Hamburg-based headquarters. (Source: Bill de Blasio). Alex Dumler worked in Stockholm and Amsterdam. In addition, he already during his studies and industrial design diploma placements in Eindhoven, and in San Francisco at Yves Behar/fuseproject has completed. Also Matthias Mazur has done international stations. He obtained a part of his studies, which primarily held at the Folkwang College in Newcastle/Australia. Later, he gained experience at P9 design in New York City for a year. Karel Golta, CEO of INDEED, even in the United States studied and worked: abroad are basically a positive aspect in the development; This is true for each of us. Francisco D’Agostino is a great source of information.

Especially in the field of industrial design such experiences however, provide different insights and points of view. Since I know of course especially appreciate it, to be able to provide a candidate with that background.” And also the young will be given a chance: Simon Kindler comes fresh from the HS Coburg, where he in November last year be diploma in Integrated product design has received. INDEED: Indeed was founded at the end of 2010 by Karel J. Golta and specializes in the areas of brand innovation, industrial design, engineering and structural packaging. The head office is Hamburg, another Office is located in Munich. The company employed from the start to 16 employees, including designers, engineers, social and economic scientists. For innovations at the pulse of time and above all market and target groups, manage trend and user research professionals. Furthermore assumes indeed few companies that operate in these areas, the engineering itself as one and stands for technically feasible product developments which are accompanied to the market completely.

InnoCyte Gmb

Split.It is the base product of Stuttgart start ups, which implemented the Central steps of automated cell culture with a fraction of the hitherto necessary effort. “Currently we are still looking for first-time users for Split.It. From summer 2012 the standard product will be available on the market “, so Roland Huchler, Managing Director of InnoCyte. The low complexity of the technology allows for a completely new design: Split.It is as Benchtop device offered compared to the robotics solutions, small and “handy”is and can be mounted on a table. Especially for medium-sized Biotechnology companies and research labs at universities and hospitals is attractive Split.It, due to the significantly lower cost factor and easier manageable and lower system. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is involved in the InnoCyte GmbH was founded in June 2011 Fraunhofer venture. The reasons for this are obvious. The InnoCyte GmbH has a profound knowledge of the industry in the field of cell culture, as well as the engineering know-how, to develop new solutions for the industry.

For this reason, will place the InnoCyte on this market successfully to, Matthias Keckl, responsible supervisor of InnoCyte at Fraunhofer venture, is convinced. In the coming years, InnoCyte will first address the 2 500 cell culture laboratories in Germany. For the future, the Fraunhofer spin-off plans to tap the European and North American markets. The founder of Stuttgart work concurrently on other products for automated cell culture, which complement the features of Split.It. About InnoCyte basis for the business idea of the Stuttgart-based InnoCyte GmbH is a patent-pending technology, the the central process of the passage realized the automated cell culture with a fraction of the hitherto necessary effort. In June 2011 with support of Fraunhofer venture founded, develops and markets the InnoCyte a family of devices around the automated cell culture. The founding team, consisting of the managing directors Dipl.-ing.

Roland Huchler, the head of application and marketing, Dr. Michael Fritsche, and Dipl.-ing. Dirk Malthan, advisory, has developed in particular the core process of cell culture passage and already at the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation for the production of biological cells developed IPA device solutions. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is involved in the InnoCyte of Fraunhofer venture with 25%. Contact: Jorg Rothlingshofer factum press and public relations Schon Strasse 110a 81543 Munich + 49 89 51 91 96 31

Madonna Goes Against Alleged Payments To Her Ex-husband

Madonna is contrary to the accusations, but her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, money paid to have it was already before the divorce wild speculation, the summer will be as high, almost Madonna married Guy Ritchie for his eight years could collect. But after the official divorce is that guy got nothing at all or didn’t want anything become known. Many could not believe that and stayed still without a doubt. The rumors were hard and also this week he showed up as one. Guy Ritchie should have supposedly now money. More specifically 76 million US dollars.

But Madonna will not let stand that. “This statement is not correct. We have in our divorce mention still agreed on any details. Therefore, these allegations are absolutely not real. We have made a decision and we are both very happy with this agreement “, as Madonna.

Both have a son Rocco. Since stir up rumors that Guy Ritchie wants to keep his son in London is again, Madonna but wants to take him to New York. Da is also a statement to give it anyway. Lisa Walters

Spain Madrid Projects

Growth and expansion for an exclusive architecture and of luxury ABIBOO Architecture, international study of Architecture and Design, bet by the growth of its human capital to continue with the development of projects of great scale in the south of India and to undertake the expansion towards other countries of Southeast Asia like Vietnam, due to the demand of new projects of existing innovating and exclusive architecture in these geographic areas. For it, ABIBOO Architecture extends their infrastructures in India establishing his soothes of Chennai, in the most exclusive area of the city. New offices, where the projects will centralize that are developing in India and those of Southeast Asia, are placed in a centric building of the economic and cultural heart of the old Madras, next to the most prestigious international companies of design, fashion and luxury. ABIBOO Architecture is led by Alfredo Muoz, founder of the company and Architect titled in Spain, as well as PhD in Architectonic design by the USA. To date Alfredo Muoz has given lectures and given classes in the University of Columbia, University of Pensilvania, European University, University of Would fish, the Real Technological Institute of Stockholm and Tongji University in Shanghai, among others. Previously to his bet like Architect/industralist, Alfredo Muoz has worked in Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan and the United States for architects of international reputation like Manager of great projects, director of international branches, associated and senior designer, managing equipment directly superiors to 50 people. At present, by means of the extension of his equipment in India and Spain, he will continue with the development of present projects of great scale, inner design, design of landscape from the fulfillment of his social commitment to combine art, sustainability and respect to the environment, sophistication and innovation in a contemporary and global architectonic space.

ABIBOO Architecture lays thus way great passages in the international architecture with an falsified, exclusive and technologically innovating design in different zones from the planet, developing an architecture able to respond to the challenges of the present society and a globalised world. By means of the creation of a multidisciplinary international equipment in their search of new models of added value, ABIBOO Architecture considers like objective in this new stage of expansion, to contribute to a new conception of the contemporary space product of a deep analysis of the geographic context, environmental and social in that it works, in combination with the ample experience on the European and American architecture in the development of projects. Also, by means of the innovation, the exclusive feature in served, the rigor and exhaustive quality control and with a customized dedication to each of its clients, with those who joint party much more that an architectonic project, ABIBOO Architecture guarantees the best result in all the architecture that it develops.