Alarm System

If you purchased your car, do not take the money and Protect him from the hijackers. One way to do this – set the alarm. Alarm shall have the following: shock sensor, lock the car engine, reaction to the opening hood and doors. It is also very good if there is feedback. It displays the status of machines on display drive. Great feature – autostart engine. It allows you to start the engine by pressing the Keychain.

It is very convenient in the winter you can warm up the car without leaving home. Close-coupled signaling worse staggered so that the spaced elements of alarm can be placed on various parts of the car. It takes a lot time and labor from intruders. If the machine is away from home or in a closed garage, the siren may not always save the car from theft. But feedback can help. If the car is in the yard, the siren should be powerful, so that the owner could hear it and react. Although the downside is that when a false alarm you have to constantly get up and look what happened. And many cars react to the passing cars, people, and so on.

Therefore it happens that a good sleep with a sensitive alarm is not easy. Very well, if your car a lot of different sensors. Very useful – a tilt sensor. It allows the machine to react to its rise. Therefore, if your car drives fine, and robbers will begin to pick up a car jack to lift them, a tilt sensor will react immediately, and will not allow attackers to leave the car without a drive. If your car is dear to you, then do not Take the money and set the GPS-module. In the case of theft it will show you the location of the machine. Immobilizer to help protect your car from intruders by locking the car. For example, it can block the work of the starter, ignition and so on. Disabling with the card or key fob. You can set the alarm yourself, ask friends or entrust execution of the work of a specialist. Set self-signaling can be when you have the skills in this area. Friends can be trusted only if you know what they are really knowledgeable in this area. But still – it is better to entrust the installation of alarm specialists. Because of improper installation, even the most expensive alarm systems, it may not work correctly. And in some cases, a short may occur, causing the car ignition. Absolute protection against theft is not seen, but the better your security system, the longer the hijackers will suffer. And if they can not open the car for fifteen minutes, then statistics show that they are no longer open auto.

Platonic Academy

So important was the geometry to the Greeks, who at the entrance of the Platonic Academy was an inscription which read: no one who does not follow known geometry. Alberto fields in one of his works entitled, axiomatic and geometry from Euclid to Hilbert and Bourbaki. He says, "for the books I Knorr III and VI reflects the geometry and Enopides Tales." Chapter1 G page 19. Then again refers to Thales of Miletus "according to Proclus was Those who first realized that in any isosceles triangle at the base angles are equal." Alberto says that is something unfinished for lack of evidence, but what is interesting is that such is on the way in which delivery would occur as well distinguish the statements that are true in all cases. Chapter 2 page 59. Youth in that place are contributions to knowledge you do, remember that truth is not absolute, since it is formed by sets of truths. Some are relative, demonstrative, axiomatic, physical, metaphysical and spiritual.

I advise the youth living at all times, not yet. If you have a defect try to be moderate, the important thing is that sooner or later cease or expire, because there is nothing more disgusting than seeing an old man swept away by the vices. The love of parents is represented while those living. Because even when you are great intellectuals, should not forget that their parents gave them everything when they were in the Invalides of children. Some of you will say that I am writing in a behaviorist, I can assure you, I is not no psychologist supposed science that interests me.

North American Ralph Lauren

Of what it smells Lady Gaga? The legions of fanatics of the artist, doubtless know, it: until the minimum detail on their tastes, customs and preferences circulate today freely by the network. But as of European spring 2012, the worshippers of Gaga will also have the possibility of taking in the skin a fragrance arisen directly from the fantasies of the singer. The star of the moment is had bold until a to concur to a delivery of prizes with a dress done of meat: it could not spend long time until it was decided to send his own perfume. And although the business of the fragrances of celebrities seems to have known days better, nobody doubt that Gaga, with its capacity to turn into gold everything what touches, will write down a new event with its perfume, still without name. So far, it is only known that the singer signed contract with the prestigious company of perfumes and Coty cosmetics to send a series of fragrances with his name, first of which it is expected for half-full of the 2012. Fans of the star, meanwhile, will have to be satisfied to to use the perfumes that Lady Gaga has indicated like its favorites in reiterated occasions: the novel Daisy, of the North American designer Marc Jacobs, and already the classic Ralph, of also the North American Ralph Lauren. So cool as its creator, Daisy has become an event of sales from the same moment of its launching. One is a chispeante, modern fragrance and funny that, according to its Web site, summarizes perfectly the style of Marc Jacobs, a sophisticated mixture of and classic elegance with I touch completely unexpected.

This concept is reflected already from its package, a luxurious, solid and severe crystal block crowned by ramillete of fresh and funny daisies. As far as its notes, Daisy perfectly combines the chispeante enchantment of bouquet floral with a surprise refreshing touch. In the same frutada floral line, with notes of orange, magnolia and fresia, is its other favorite, the classic Ralph by Ralph Lauren sent to the market in the year 2000. It is to hope, then, that the first perfume of Lady Gaga is so floral and afrutado as she same it seems to prefer the fragrances. Although with an artist whom a race based on the constant surprise has constructed, never it is this last word original Author and source of the article


Dr. Beach selected Hanalei Bay on Kaua’i i to America’s best beach 2009 the decision: the most beautiful beach of the United States is in Hawai i. Dr. Beach Stephen Leatherman, Director of Florida International University s laboratory for coastal research, published its list of the top 10 beaches in the United States this year. Hanalei Bay on Kaua’i i won the race for the coveted title, and now most beautiful beach America’s may 2009 call. Second place is siesta Beach, Florida, Cooper Beach in New York ended up in third place.

As Dr. Beach has Stephen Leatherman already achieved cult status in the last decades and is regarded as the most well-known beach expert in the United States. Since 1991, he published his top 10 of America’s best beaches. 650 beaches will be assessed after 50 criteria, including water quality, the texture of the sand and the height of the waves. Hanalei Bay stands out due to its location in a crescent-shaped Bay and offers a popular backdrop for years for film and photo shoots with exotic Palm trees and a three Kilometre long white sandy beach. The year’s ranking of the top 10 beaches can be found under. Learn more about Hawai’i ‘ i exist among and. Images and further press information about Hawai’i, see.

Emotional Intelligence

At least let him assume advocates a new concept of psychology known as emotional intelligence, popular in the business world and which is based on the importance of handling feelings and emotions to be successful in the social sphere. This concept began to boom as a result of the Emotional Intelligence book written by the doctor in philosophy and scientific editor of The New York Times, Daniel Goleman. In this text, says that become aware of our emotions, understanding the feelings of others, handle the pressures, job frustrations and accentuate teamwork, they are simple but crucial skills to cope with property in today’s society.According to an estimate on the success, Goleman notes than IQ It contributes only 20%. The rest comprise elements such as social class, luck and emotional skills.The positive side of this trend is that it indicates that emotional intelligence is a skill and not a trait, and therefore can learn. Benefits to develop emotional intelligence, reach: A high self-esteem, Control your emotions a kind behavior, sereno, enthusiastic and positive be cooperative and happy most of the time concluded: of vital importance is the fact that Manager within their intellectual training must also be seen to emotional intelligence as a tool that will allow you to deal with certain situations from another perspective, and that in turn this will bring you benefits will be enrumbado to the correct path of your success or professional achievement.

To achieve this the Manager must possess the following skills: Intuit, understand, and effectively apply the power of emotions as a source of human energy, such as influence, confidence, creativity and information. Create productive and fruitful relationships. Filed under pressure. Courage to take decisions. Perseverance to adversity. Vision to create the future.

Haloti Ngata Jersey NFL Play

Haloti Ngata Jersey NFL Play 60 in Central 2 run n2 jay, 8221 Owens told the world.Other news making its way Around the Web on a MondayPatriots owner Bob Kraft told the Boston Herald that he is pulling for New. obxx0706 YorkNew Jersey to get Super Bowl XLVIII. And why not If the New YorkNew Jersey region gets the Super Bowl, that opens the door for other coldweather regions.Darrelle Revis Jersey like New England. And, if we can dream, how about a Super Bowl in Lambeau Field Patrio.Nick Mangold Jerseyts WR Wes Welker told the Boston Herald that he is well aware of his Playboy image, as pict.Tim Tebow Jerseyures of him and Ashley Dupre have made their way around the Web. Its funny, man, Welker told the.Steelers Nike JerseyHerald. Ive been working so hard, and its like, Oh, Wes is rehabbing at the Playboy Mansion or something…Ben Roethlisberger Jersey Im like, Dude, its one night. CB Antonio Cromartie is eager to impress.Troy Polamalu Jerseyat Jets camp, starting by showcasing his kick returning skills via the Newark Sta.Antonio Brown JerseyrLedger. Coach Rex Ryan said that Cromartie will not be to fulltime kick returner, b.Texans Nike Jerseyut could be out there in certain situations.

Ravens RB Le8217Ron McClain is starting a campaign, 8220MCCLAIN.Arian Foster Jersey4 RB.8221 McClain went from team8217s leading rusher in 2008 to blocker for Ray Rice on s.Vikings Nike Jerseyeason later. McClain would like to get some more carries. Fantasy owners are saying Please do not. Seriously, d.Adrian Peterson Jerseyo not give coach John Harbaugh that Edwards idea via the Baltimore Sun.Trent will.Jared Allen Jerseyhave the opportunity this offseason to win back the starting job he lost in Buffalo. Not OJ.Isabel Marant Bootsubt it helped his chances when the Bills draft to quarterback.derek jeter jersey didn8217t 8212 at least Hasta Levi Brown in the seventh round.Jason Witten Jersey 8212 to bring into the competition.


The Office of the future: an Office where paper is a thing of the past. With us from the 1940 s, the concept of a paperless office has been present for a long time and is not yet a reality. Even so, the Office of today is a good approximation of the style imagined by people during the early 20th century. For example, consider the Treasury a video conference in New York, you are sitting at your desk discussing business matters with his colleagues, but his colleagues are thousands of miles away. Instead of having to travel long distances, one only has to turn his web camera, microphone, and your high bandwidth connection and can have the same meeting face to face. In today’s world the video conferences seem to be a simple application of technology, but that same technology wasn’t possible 30 years ago.

Imagine being the 1940 s; you were given him a heart attack or at least would need a whiskey and a cigarette. Although given that the employer of the 1940 s could have done two things in your Desk, would have a few surprises to the which would expect you in the future. Anyway, as you see it, you can argue that we have not reached the prophesied paperless office. The use of paper seems to be an integral part of how we manage and maintain our records. Though it is marked by printers laser and this next to computers of Silicon surrounded by fields of electromagnetic communications offices, it may not be released paper. Still, although it is not a paperless office, it is an Office definitely with less paper. Each email sent out written machine (or at least via Telegraph); each database was been a Cabinet of archives (perhaps a room full of cabinets); each copy of practice had been written again in a new sheet of paper (and without spell checker). Some of that thinking the next time that you forget to save a file and your computer fails. Kevin is an Executive researcher of a multinational company with a reputation and loves to write as a freelance journalist for different things. For more information about video conferencing, it is recommended to visit

Good Training

At present, it is very important to prepare well and get a good training for the more immediate future. We are in a somewhat precarious position on the issue of employment, especially because of the current global economic crisis. There are fewer jobs, vocational preparation and education play a key role. Now it is necessary to be the best in the field of specialty and be extremely prepared, not only to cope well when performing our duties, but also to have possibilities of access to the post that interests us. Of course, it is very important to have a good preparation in our specific labour sector, but there are other disciplines that are also authentic essence, as in the case of languages and, in particular, of English. Knowing how to speak several languages is a benthic advantage for the future, that there is no who hesitate, but if English is not among them for that, you have to make the leap already and begin to prepare in English with all of the law. It is no longer enough to know the language and defend themselves with a few words, no.

Now you have to know how to speak it to manage within the working plane and the best way to learn it is to do it in an English speaking country. You can choose between a variety of destination. For example, we have several English schools in New York, the most cosmopolitan city in the world, in addition to many other cities in North America. If you are looking for is stay a little closer and enjoy better prices, then take a look at academies English England to take advantage of some unique offerings. It’s the time!

American EURO

The commerce of the Dollar of today the Dollar finalized with mixed results the POUND and the EURO registered new minimums moderate the operated volumes were nocturnal Vista hopes that the Dollar consolidates is considered a calm session before the American data that will publish For Friday All the schedules EASTERN (- 4 GMT) 8: 30am, USD Non-Farm Employment Change 8: 30am, the USD Unemployment Rate 8: 30am, the USD Average Hourly Earnings m/m Summary the Dollar finalized the commercial session in New York with mixed results; it fell slightly against the YEN, but it began to appear against the rest of currencies. The Dollar took terrain with respect to the EURO and the POUND when finalizing the day. The currency that today stood out was the YEN; this currency took terrain against the main currencies. Pair DLAR/YEN registered minimums in the zone of the 106,96, and continued under pressure, whereas pair EURO/YEN also fell. With respect to the POUND they registered stops in the zone of the 1,7680, and also it registered minimums in the zone of the 1.7625; the operated volumes were modest. The EURO went up to around the zone of the 1,4400, and registered minimums in the zone of the 1.4323. Both currencies, the POUND and the EURO, took pressure due to the values registered by petroleum, and also the results of the stock market repelled in the market; in my opinion the declaration on the interest rates realised as much by European central bank, like by the Central bank of England, caused a negative feeling.

Although the CANADIAN pair DLAR/DLAR and pair DLAR/SWISSY finalized in rise, the tendency was very not marked; the LOONIE registered minimums this week, soon to surprise and to begin to appear. The great volatileness is waited, but the operators can stay in short with the LOONIE after the data of the NFP that is expected; The data of the NFP are considered that they will be negative, and will probably affect the Dollar. Several analysts consider that the Dollar is being dealt with great technical pressure. The commentaries of Trichet this morning were clear in affirming that the European Central bank will not modify the interest rates at the moment. In my opinion, the weakness of the main currencies can be transformed into a great opportunity so that soon they begin to appear. It remembers that when the expectations reach a final end, the potentiality for a change increases exponentially. Esteem that the Dollar will become stabilized during the night, dice the American data that are expected tomorrow.

The Fu

Discover New York the highest skyscrapers and put back up in the era of the dinosaurs. The children spend a varied afternoon and learn something at the same time, you should go to the Cosmocaixa, the famous Museum of science in Barcelona. The little ones will learn what all in a playful and interactive way for example, astronomy, science and has to do with nature. The Museum offers a very high range of information and Activities, so that you can spend a whole day there. You might need a further day to see your little one of the two Freizeitparke in Catalonia. For one, there is the Tibidabo, a very beautiful and enchanting theme park, from which one has the best views of Barcelona. The Park has been open since the 19.Jahrhundert and still the small and large? en. Away to the other, and just 90 minutes south of Barcelona, there is the Port Aventura, one of the great? th Freizeitparke in Spain.

The children will be intoxicated by the incredible attractions that are not for the faint of heart. So the evening program is not empty at weekends, it is best to the fountains of Montjuic to go. The Fuentes of Magicas (magic fountain) offer an excellent fountain with light show, adapted to the best classical music, just across from the Palau Nacional. The children will not forget this breathtaking and magical night. To catch two birds with one stone, you should “go to the wax museum, where the children are enjoying themselves, if they historical figures and current celebrities in real” see. And then approve himself but a little refreshment in the Bosque de las Hadas (fairy forest”), a magical Cafe in the city, which is decorated like an enchanted forest. Of course, forget not, Camp Nou. The Fu? ballstadion by the F.C..

Barca is the reference point par excellence for every tourist in Barcelona, no matter whether large? or small. Take with their children, and marvel at the Fairmont? te and most spectacular Fu? ballstadion in Europe. Au? erdem can visit the Barca Museum, or in the indoor ice rink, located next door, skating. A walk through the legendary Rambla may not be missing. Children are be petrified, just like the street? enkunstler, the Fu famous for example? shooting up to musicians or dancers mimic and the strA? en flood. Furthermore it is fallen down certainly you with an ice cream at the hand of the Ramblas to stroll and the countless newspaper stands, as well as the small booths to see, for example, small animals and flowers are sold. If you travel with your children, then you rent an apartment in Barcelona. They are cheaper and give you more flexibility and freedom than any other hotel. So you can decide when you eat what you cook and when you cook, for example the dishes of your kids. And now, genius? en the city with your children!

South Africa Challenge

Panasonic supports the second time competition for the more adventurous and go khaki fever as the defending champion in the race Hamburg, in July!”it says again this year at the South Africa challenge, in which Panasonic is one of 5 brand partners. During the challenge challenges typical to five teams in South Africa and play for the South Africa challenge trophy”. Panasonic unveils camcorder as well as hybrid and outdoor cameras, which are missing on any trip for the Adventure trip. Our team should erlebnishungrig, technology interested and with a good amount of humor in the defence of the title start. On the South Africa challenge all teams can then extensively test our products and judge. “, explains Thomas Dobberstein, Director of online communication & sales Panasonic Germany.

“” Actress and South Africa expert cloud Hegenbarth, popular from life & me “or let’s dance”, accompanied this year’s participants. Other partners are Frosta, t-online, Avis and Amarula. The Action was launched by South African Tourism in the life. South Africa challenge sponsors, providing each one of the five teams, all have a special relationship to the land at the Cape and represent one of the South African experience worlds: Wildlife and nature, lifestyle, gourmet, outdoor and culture. Panasonic stands for the outdoor theme, because they develop among other products for every imaginable activity with unusual resilience, whether on land and water. The SDR-SW21 camcorder perfect for outdoor activities, since it is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof up to 1.5 meters. The same applies to the Lumix tough camera DMC-FT1: is waterproof up to 3 meters and can withstand falls from a height of up to 1.5 metres. The small travel camera Lumix DMC-TZ7 allows next to perfect photo shoot also HD videos with stereo sound and zoom with the 12 x wide-angle zoom.

For the Panasonic team of South Africa challenge candidates addressed, who want to hold every moment in life and travel. Two People can apply per team. Active, culinary and creative tasks wildlife is located next to the participants of course pure, amongst an elephant back Safari, a Carol Bush-dinner, a photo challenge, a 4 x 4 off road drive, a beach Triathlon and canoeing competition. The application period ends on September 30, followed by a casting with the ten most interesting pairs of candidates be invited to Panasonic. The finalists of the 5 brands compete from November 24 until December 3, in South Africa for the coveted trophy. During the application phase as well as in addition sweepstakes of the partner on the Web page will take place for the South Africa-challenge community regularly. During the trip itself, is reported on the platform and the Lumix community about the current performance of the team. More information about the South Africa challenge, see on Panasonic: the Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and production electronic products for a wide variety of customer needs in the private, business and industrial area. The Osaka, Japan-based Group achieved in the past fiscal year (end of March 31, 2009) consolidated net sales of 7.77 trillion yen / 78.4 billion US – dollars. The shares of the group are on the stock exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and New York (NYSE: PC) records. For more information about the company and the Panasonic brand, see. Find this press release and press photos (download with 300 dpi) on the Internet at.

Swimwear Spring/summer La Perla:

Swimwear spring/summer: by La Perla is now available in the La Perla online boutique summer arrives with the new beachwear by La Perla, Bologna, may come the summer. All babes, divas of beach and sea goddesses enjoy beach parties, stylish Sun bathing, great performances by relaxation by the pool. La Perla offers the perfect outfit for any summer occasion. The current collections can be already admired at the La Perla online boutique and ordered. In the spring/summer ‘ 09, the themes and trends at La Perla are again varied and full of imagination. To discover, there are for example New York style (La Perla beachwear), voyage chic (AnnClub by La Perla), surfing girl \”(Malizia La Perla) and Marrakech Express\” (Aquasuit beachwear). Malizia La Perla a few examples from the current beachwear collections: La Perla beachwear spring/summer ‘ 09: the thousand lights of New York’s \”New York, the city that never sleeps\” the glamorous city of thousand lights and breathtaking metropolis Main topic is the La Perla beachwear in the spring/summer 09 La Perla presented with Brooklyn Soutache \”refined Cross and weaving effects, at the most famous New York bridge recall.\” Finest harmonious Lycra fabric, however, staged exciting light effects by micro draping.

Collier swimsuits provide the necessary glamour effect. \”AnnClub by La Perla spring/summer 09: voyage chic\” characterized the collection AnnClub by La Perla wild exoticism and inspirations from nature: earth tones and African embossed geometric motifs exude the charm, great travel. The fancy models in the latest and most innovative Lycra qualities and in typical feminine La Perla style are implemented. \”Malizia La Perla spring/summer 09: surfing girl\” surfing symbol of freedom, Sportiness and California casualness is also the symbol of the current beachwear collection in the California beach – and Hawaiian style by Malizia La Perla. Surf motifs, typical details and accessories such as about tropical flower patterns, starfish brooch, Tentacle embroidery make looking for summer and underline the feeling of serenity and joie de vivre of the Beach girls and princesses.

Major Problems

Obesity in Mexico and some solutions for people who do not or can not go on a diet or need extra help to lose weight safely. “40 million Mexicans in trouble for his big appetite,” I recently heard the news on Televisa in more than 40 million Mexicans were obese, putting Mexico in 2nd place in the world with this problem. What made me think, how many people are trapped in a nightmare for his big appetite? Obesity is caused not only by having a voracious appetite, lack of exercise, eating disorders such as anxiety, metabolic disorders and even heredity can be just as important for your body to start storing kilos of fat. No matter if you’re comfortable with your body or not, the problem comes when your body is not comfortable with your body. Obesity and overweight is always accompanied by bad news for your heart, your pancreas, your brain, your blood pressure, your fertility, your quality of life, etc..

Whatever the cause of your overweight fortunately remedied. The Home remedy to take off those extra kilos is proponertelo. The next thing to get in the hands of the nutritionist to ask you a healthy diet to your needs especially for you not hungry while you’re on a diet and exercise. You’ve already heard it 1000 times and if you’re going to hear is because you have not been able to awaken from your nightmare. Do not worry there are other solutions that can help you lose weight quickly, safely and naturally without risking your health. If you are not willing to sacrifice healthy dieting or exercise, for the reason you want. At least give a chance for nature and science to help you with your problem by reducing your appetite voracious. We agree that if there was anything that would reduce hunger drink it regularly gives you start to lose weight. Well that something already exists.

Promotional Portfolios As A Combination

Freebies portfolios as a station wagon in the Internet gave the portfolios it already in ancient times and were available as a book. It could be many notes listed, and read them again and again that you have in mind or to transfer to other books also in fair copy. Ballpoint pen, however, have not so long past, at least not in the form, as they exist today. But both promotional writing cases as also pen are very popular. A combination of writing and pen is ideal, so that the advertised equal both on hand, a session in which he his notes can make which, without having to search long for a pen. The portfolios are very useful, especially in business, as well as the pen, which must be taken daily in the hand. There are numerous combinations of freebies writing cases, in which a pad and a pen are included.

Often have the solution but even small pockets and more pen holder. Sometimes companies fill which pass portfolios as freebies the pen holder Additionally with a ballpoint pen on, which also contains the company logo that will be printed on the portfolios. It is important, to show the business customers and partners that are worth something, at the present time because the competition is great and is always something special come up with, to be able to score points and to win new customers. With giveaways portfolios, it is easy to strengthen the bond with its customers and partners. Only the choice of a high-quality product is important, and this must be not even expensive.

Vacationing in New York

Without a doubt New York is one of the destinations most incredible of the world. Into each station of the year Manhattan if it transforms into a film scene. To appreciate the beauties of the Central Park in the winter, spring, summer and autumn they are magical and indescritveis experiences. Manhattan is an Island bathed for the River Hudson to the side west and River East of the side east. It is the tourist and economic center of New York. Manhattan is divided in the East Side, the West Side, Uptown and Downtown. It is very easy of if moving in Manhattan.

The avenues of north for the south start with 1st Avenue and extending itself for the west until 12th Avenue. Already of east for west it starts with 1st Street and going until 20th Street. Many taxis in NY exist but great part of the island can be made the foot for who likes a good one walked. The trains of the Amtrak arrive all of the country in the station Penn Station. Place where you can catch a train for Boston or Wasshington for example. New York has a very rich gastronomia and without a doubt it shelters some of the best restaurants of the world. All type of food you it finds in the streets. Since Tailandesa food, Mexican, Chinese, American, Italian, all type of restaurant. Dog and kebabs also exist excellent foods of street as hot. For this and other tips of trip have access:

The Traditional Russian Bath

Every nation has its own traditions, which eventually acquire a special significance. Become an integral part, and even a symbol of national culture. For example: people in Thailand – a massage. When word of Thailand, the Most people in my head there is an expression – Thai massage. One of these symbols of national culture of Russia, a Russian sauna. Who would argue? The tradition of visiting the Russian bath is due to harsh climate and features of national character.

Agree, nice, frosty, winter day, lie on a shelf in a well-heated bath. Drink kvas. Jump into a snowbank. And then again in the bathhouse, but a whisk. Major in the process – hot steam. This is not Turkey, and Finland.

It still must endure. In the Russian sauna do not go to wash, namely steam. And of course the whisk, oak or birch, which not only flies, but also adds to the spirit. That, of itself, represents the process, from a medical point of view. The vapor has an effect on human skin. With rising temperatures, in combination with high humidity, activates the output of harmful substances from the human body, through the skin. Use a broom, made a superficial thermal massage the entire body, using natural, aromatic substances. After the bath you go out with the baby's skin and with a sense of softness across the skin. Sharp termokontrast, stimulates the release of adrenaline, which in turn has a positive effect on the nervous system. In the bathhouse went – my nerves calmed. And of course, the emotional component. In the bath there is no social status, political beliefs, financial status. In the bath, there are people who came to warm up. Here you can find a common language with any person, even if in life you do not quite similar. After visiting a nice bath to continue the rest you can go to a country restaurant where you can have a tasty meal and have fun with friends. Enjoy Your Bath!

Moral Many

One is about a falseness that, although this, started to be part of the customs and that it is considered absolutely normal. A collective lie that enjoys of the protection of the current moralismo, which is made use to tolerate any baseness the individual level, but not transige on the exterioridade of the norm. Impure acts are committed without no impediment, but impurity is condemned. to keep alive and operative such conviction, the spite of a reality contradicts that it in evident way, appeals a particularly mistificatrio lexicon to it, made of great words in which if cmodo places a content. Of the hiprocrisia of the facts avizinha of the words. The Moral Many support that it exists and that must exist a sexual moral, this it is, that the sexuality must be managed basically by a moral code that it is proper and that it is different of that one destined to guide other expressions human beings, as for example the action economic politics or.

Consequence of this is that one determined operation, let us assume the search not finished of the pleasure, can be allowed and until praiseworthy in a certain field – and condemnable in the sexual field. to discover the solution of a scientific problem or to lie down themselves in a lawn to take sun is things that give pleasure, frequently a pleasure that is end in itself exactly and on which nobody has nothing to say. But all have much to say if satisfaction, disentailed of procreative, social ends or of another sort, is looked the area of the sexuality. The reserved ethical norms to the exercise of the sexuality are suggested, or imposed, in a perspetiva of relativity and tack to the necessities of data social context. This would seem logical if the free one to flow of the sexuality, not limited for particular ordinances, it caused damage to that definitive type of communitarian order e, of course, if this last one was satisfactory the unchanged point of being conserved.


So that the content is understandable, the theory and the practical one must walk together, becoming necessary the reflection and the inquiry on proper the practical professor, that is, is necessary a constant analysis of its prxis. It is also necessary to search the perfectioning constant, while activities in classroom are developed. The mathematics professor must perceive its unfinished state of (FREIRRE, 1996), that is, that he must recognize the necessity to be always in search of new knowing. The true professor of mathematics is that one that beyond knowing the content very, it must contain in its essence the capacity to know to teach mathematics, to know to work in group, of being creative, and never to be egoistic.

He has that to assume its professional role not neglecting its activity. The professor of mathematics of the gift must transmit information, instruct, mediate, teach, learn, evaluate, educate and educate for the research. To educate for the research is to make with that the pupil learns to work for the method of research with the purpose to exercise, to construct always improvements and always to surpass barriers and difficulties. The professional careers are if revising on the basis of the news requirements that are made to it, in reason of all this change that we live currently: continued formation of the professionals, as well as new qualifications, for example, adaptability to the new, creativity, autonomy, communication, initiative, cooperation. (MASETTO, 2003, P.

14). Forms of knowledge exist, that are necessary to the formation of the mathematics professor: pedagogical and curricular content. The knowledge of the specific content is proper of the area of the knowledge of the mathematics professor.

Great Challenge

The United States has already fallen into a recession so deep that perhaps the most serious since World War II, said Martin Feldstein, Chairman of Cambridge, who is considered the official word on economic cycles. What can we expect if we continue on current trends? Gasoline at $ 5.00/gallon possibly through the nation in 2008, large losses in the stock market, volatility in the market, difficult to obtain, record numbers of foreclosures across the nation, large numbers of layoffs and major companies United States. What do you do when you watch the news?? Are you buying the idea that we are in a recession? It is said that “Our deepest fear is not being poor. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. ” And the truth is we are! Definitely we are 100% responsible for what they choose to believe and 100% responsible for the choices we make consciously and unconsciously. You is so powerful that if you say you can, can, and if he says he can not, can not.

You always right. So, you determine what the recession means for you. Is the disaster or opportunity? Will focus on the problem and thereby attract more problems? Instead, you can choose to focus on the solution and are amazed at how much power you have to solve their own problems. Doing the right questions provides the correct answers, while making the wrong questions, such as “Why me?” Offers only wrong answers. Magnetization, creativity and confidence in yourself are more important than knowledge.

David Hume

Historian, philosopher and economist David Hume, in his treatise ‘on press freedom’ asked the question: ‘Why in the UK there is a complete freedom of the press? “. preznaval Hume that unlimited freedom of the press is one of the two evils., accompanies Mixed forms government, but an inconvenience, of being vytikayuscheesya etoy freedom is not numerous so that it should be given to people at almost any pravlenii.Yum expressed confidence about the security of press freedom for all gosudarstva.On authorities reassured by the fact that people are always inclined to believe the criticism of policy rather than praise. Dzh.Eraskin said: “Every person may appeal to the universal mind of the nation at the same time on the government, at all or the government of our own country in the above privacy. “The same thesis and priderzhyvalsya anglisky philosopher Dzh.Mill.On understood freedom as the right of mature individa’dumay and act at its discretion without prejudice to the other.” Mill make four statements about freedom of speech: – if we do not give an opinion, it is possible that we do not give tell the truth – any opinion may contain a grain of truth to find the whole truth – if from time to time the general opinion is not examined, it loses its life and power and influence – even if the general opinion, the truth is, society does not perceive it as a sound basis, as well as predrasudok, if only she did not have to defend it. B. Weitling said that: “Freedom of speech for all means of achieving social equality for all, through revolutionary changes.”.